Thoughts and photos from the road #writephoto

All of these photos are probably illegal, because I was taking them while at the wheel on a solo drive from the Twin Cities to Lincoln, but I’m willing to take that risk since I’m an otherwise safe driver.

A long drive means a long time to think, listen to music, talk on the phone, and more. So, here’s an account of the drive, which has more detail (!) than what I journaled about.

  • Got a call to Samantha after getting a hold of Mom to let her know that I was en route! Phone calls and chatting always make travel go faster
    • It reminds me of a quick drive to Kansas City in a Pokemon carpool!
  • Gas is on the rise! $2.649 per gallon, after being as low as $2.099/gallon two months ago.
  • It was good to hear that Dina is seeing someone right now!
  • Welcome to Iowa! And my MP3 player played “Interstate 80 Iowa” by Heywood Banks… about 130 miles too early!
    • Speaking of 130 miles… it helps to compartmentalize a trip into smaller segments, at least in my mind!

Transit Authority, We’re Not In Chicago Anymore! Especially not at 3200N/1000W.

  • I think it’s interesting how most states use the pentagonal signs for county roads, but some Minnesota county roads are square white signs with numbers; all Wisconsin county roads are square white signs with letters.
  • I’ve got a trial subscription of Sirius XM on my radio that was provided to me after the oil change prior to the Polar Vortex. This was a great timing for one, since including today [i.e. yesterday], I have at least four long drives planned.
    • Thus, I got to listen to the Wofford/Kentucky game. Midnight struck for the mid-major.
    • Also got to listen to the 70’s through ’90s stations, and occasionally shifting to the bpm station (for some dance hits)
  • Got a hold of all three siblings, and they’re excited both to see me and about Samantha. Grilling will commence tomorrow night!
  • Ah, Des Moines. About three hours left after I took a bladder breather.

Winterset, Iowa. Hopefully it is the setting of winter after how brutal it has been. (There’s also a Somerset, Wisconsin. Is there an Autumnset or a Springset anywhere?)


Is this song really 20 years old? It’s also definitely a “word salad” in its chorus: “Kids On The Block had a bunch of hits, \\ Chinese food makes me sick, \\ I think it’s kind of fly when the girls stop by for the summer.” The next line actually fits: “I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch.”

  • Casey, Iowa. A small town whose gas station is NOT a Casey’s General Store, but a Kum & Go. What’s up with that?

Smile! You’re in Adair, Iowa!


You want an OVERSIZE LOAD? Try trucks that have to carry wind turbine blades on their beds! We’ve got great big convoys!


Fun county names. There’s also Cerro Gordo County where Mason City is. This map was at a rest stop, fewer than 20 miles from the Nebraska border.


Sunset, and a warning about I-29 North closed. Better turn around… but I don’t need to do 29 today!

  • Out of photos. But it’s so good to be back in Nebraska!
  • I’ll be the roundabout, I’ll make those words go out & out…
  • I could have time-warped if my car had a 1.21 GW flux capacitor, as highway hypnosis put me up to 90 mph a couple of times!
  • (EDIT) OH! And although this is definitely shoehorning in, I realize that the “Rift” from Sue Vincent’s Writephoto could apply to POTHOLES that I saw along the road. All of the snowmelt from the brutal winter is doing a number on the roads!

Some of the potholes ALMOST looked like these big rifts!


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