[M.A.P.L.E. IX-15] Pull

This is a pretty quick post, but I actually have two examples of why I have called the post “Pull.”

It spans from my Junior Golf years to today, and both of the examples are “Take a hard thing made easy and make the difficulty in between.”

When I first learnt how to golf, I schlepped my clubs, but didn’t enjoy it since the bag of clubs was heavy for my scrawny nine/ten-year-old body. As a gift for my tenth birthday, I got a pull-cart to put my clubs on, so that I could use wheels and yet still walk.

But, when I golfed, I always PUSHED the cart rather than pulling it! For whatever reason, I preferred the motion of pushing rather than pulling, even though it probably would have been easier to pull. (Maybe I was afraid of the clubs spilling out, or I didn’t trust my coordination when I couldn’t see the cart behind me?)

This sometimes applies to pull-luggage as well: I prefer to push.

Then today, the inspiration for the post: Samantha and I recently got a 32-gallon refuse receptacle to put used bunny litter (and waste) in, rather than using loose trash bags alone. The bag inside needed to be discarded, so I started to take the bag out when Samantha stopped me.

The receptacle has wheels, and is a push/pull can! I pushed it, and Samantha indicated, “You know that you can pull it.”

Well, I suppose that almost twenty-three years of a habit of pushing is hard to break.


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Today is the fifteenth day of the ninth round of M.A.P.L.E.: that’s two weeks and one day.

Today is the thirty-second day of Frozen Limbo — for four weeks and four days.

אתמול היה שישה ושלושים יום: שהיו חמישה שבועות לעומר

Today is the sixty-third day of the Consider Other Viewpoints In Dissemination: comprising nine weeks.


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