Blog policy

Thanks for reading my blog!  I welcome comments on any posts, but would like to keep it civil.  Most of these rules and parameters that I set should be pretty obvious, but I’d like to keep a few rules about the blog and comments.

I see the comments as a conversation.  Here are the basic DO’s and DON’Ts.  All violations of the “DON’Ts” are subject to deletion.


  1. Please DON’T leave trivial comments like “Cool!” “Great post!” etc. without elaboration.  (The converse to this will be in the “DO’s” section.
  2. Please DON’T comment with solely a link to a blog’s homepage.   However, if it is a link to a specific post that might respond to the topic of my post, that is allowed.
  3. Please DON’T post spam comments, such as advertising.
  4. Please DON’T comment on something completely off-topic.
  5. Please DON’T post ad-hominem comments.  Disagreement with an argument is fine, but not by attacking the arguer.


  1. Please DO comment with praise or criticism of what I wrote.  Pointing out errors is perfectly acceptable.
  2. Please DO use the “Like” button in lieu of violating Don’t #1.  However, you may also use the “Like” button in addition to leaving a meaningful comment.
  3. Please DO expect a response to any comment–it is part of attempting the comment section to start a conversation.
  4. Please DO leave suggestions for posts that may be inspired by your reading of the post.
  5. Please DO point out violations of this policy.

BLOG AWARDS POLICY (new as of 4 November 2014):

I appreciate the nice gesture of bloggers that read my posts and choose to nominate me for blog awards.  However, many of these awards require that the nominee pass on the award to other blogs.  Many of the blogs that I follow hold award-free policies, and although I enjoy receiving the awards, I cannot in good faith complete the acceptance of the awards that require nomination of other bloggers.

However, if the title or story regarding the award is something that I feel is apt to blog about, I will use the name of the award in a post anyway… but straying from the “chain” aspect of the award.  I feel that a well-written blog or post should be an award in itself.

SHARING AND REBLOG POLICY (updated August 6, 2015)

Sharing my posts with others is allowed, under the following circumstances:

  • There are no restrictions to sharing the links to my posts (not the post itself) on social media. This includes any automatically-generated preview.
  • Reblogging my posts on your blog is allowed if the reblog includes only a blurb of my post on your site and links back to my original post.
    • Even with a link back to my original post, a reblog that has my entire post copied, with no additional commentary, will be construed as plagiarism, and I will insist that you cease and desist.
  • In general, if you want to reblog my post, please ask, with a reasoning, either in the comments of said post, or by sending me an e-mail at noah121weiss(at)gmail(dot)com.

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