Lodges, Buses, and Talkeetna (Alaska: Part X)

Monday, July 9, 2018

I woke up easily at 07:15 without provocation. Levi wanted to sleep in a little more (this was possible since we didn’t have an activity (i.e. bus ride) until 09:45. I did my usual “early-riser” routine with hotels and lodging: becoming a journalist in the hallway. As strangers passed by, I wished them good morning, and also managed to get a good amount of journaling done (about a whole day’s worth of paragraphs). One of the groups I greeted were Casey, Molly, Brent, and Brandon, who had indeed gone on an early morning expedition!

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Natural History in Denali (Alaska: Part IX)

NOTE: The photo uploader was not working when I wrote this post. Therefore, the photos will be coming later. Stay tuned, but enjoy the words in the meantime!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

:At 07:15, my day began. Wind was blowing into the hotel room, because Levi had left the window open last night (and I was fine with this, because the room was otherwise a little stuffy). We got equipped with some clothes for the day, and based on Dad’s suggestion from last night, crossed the Parks Highway to leave “campus” for breakfast. Breakfast was at The Black Bear, which was a cute cafe/coffee-shop. The most appealing item on the menu for me (at least today) was sourdough flapjacks. The rest of the party trickled in, getting a host of other items, as well as coffee of course. The wind was particularly pernicious when we stepped outside, and it was cloudy.

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Thirty Percent Club (Alaska: Part VIII) #writephoto

Saturday, July 7

I woke up at 05:50, and after dressing, went with Levi to the service desk to inquire about my stateroom bill. Because I linked a credit card with the account, I need no further action on the ship. We then went to the Horizon Court one last time. I ate a croissant to start, and drank some orange juice. But, I interrupted my meal at 06:15.

Bina was in the International Cafe, and I met her there to hug her “see-you-later.” The rest of her crew had left at different times. I want to keep in touch as friends! Returning to the Court, I got an omelette and a chocolate croissant, as well as a banana. We all finished by 07:00, and headed down to the Explorer’s Lounge for our “Brown 2” debarkation group.

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Long Day Amidst Scenic Cruising (Alaska: Part VI)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

My alarm blared at 03:20, and I arose without disturbing Levi. Walking in my PJs to the Piazza, only maintenance and International Cafe staff were in sight. Pre-dawn light was evident. Around 03:35, Bina and her crew arrived, even though some of the stayed up late last night at the Skywalkers Lounge. We took an elevator to the Lido Deck, and climbed ONE flight of stairs to the Sun Deck. The skies were good (i.e. clear), but eventually when the time came for the sunrise, said sunrise was BLOCKED by the mountains! Oh well—this was fun anyway, and I wished Bina a happy birthday too!

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Dependence on Transport on Independence Day (Alaska: Part V)

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

At 07:00, I got up and donned clothes as Levi also got up. We went to the buffet and had breakfast, which was nothing to write home about. I also checked out the spa by crossing from Aft to Forward on the Sun (15) Deck, but it wasn’t open yet. I wanted to see if I could use the $50 coupon I got for my birthday, but it must be today because today is our last port day!

Heading toward the gangway, we saw David, Bina, and Bina’s mom before encountering my family. It is nice to be so friendly and enthusiastic (though that sounds like tooting my own horn). When the Weiss squad all arrived, they ganged off to dock in Skagway. There was rock painting from cruise lines, and other graffiti similar to the Northwestern Lakefill. The White Pass train was also ready for us to board, for our first adventure of the day!

Registration Rocks in Skagway, Alaska.

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