[M.A.P.L.E. VII-23] First summer day

In the last few years, my “summer” break has started in May. When I was in graduate school, the semester ran through the beginning of June, and I didn’t really have a “vacation” then either.

However, there has been a common theme with “early” summer days (not necessarily the first day post-work) these last three years.

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[M.A.P.L.E. VII-2] Nope

I decided to hit the NOPE button today, which is quite unusual for me!

Which NOPE button did I hit? Well, you see that the Category of this post is “Behind the handlebars.”

Indeed, I cancelled my bike ride to Hebrew school, because the skies looked a little threatening at 17:00.

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It has been snowy, snowy, and … snowy in Kenosha this week. It’s one of the snowiest winters (or at least most-frequent snow events) that I can remember in recent memory.

You might be wondering: what does that have to do with Oh-Fer? Well, I’ll say that Oh-Fer is often described in sports when an individual has 0/n on a certain stat (such as failure to complete a pass, failure to make a shot in basketball, etc.)

I had an oh-fer this week, specifically an oh-fer-five.

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