I have used this term “ear-itation” many times before in my journal. It is a perfect pun on what the problem is: irritation in the ear. Most frequently, it is concurrent with a plugged nose and/or coughing: part of a cold.

Sometimes, though, I get ear-itation as a result of allergens, but again, that is often concurrent with cold-like symptoms.

Now, I’ve got ear-itation, and I know what the culprit is…

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The anniversary again!

Today is 31 July, and that means that it’s my blog’s anniversary once again!

This is the 6th anniversary, which means that Year Seven now begins.

However, unlike the ancient Hebrew calendar, there is no “shmittah” (sabbatical) year on this blog. I will continue to post (ir)regularly as I have.

Interestingly, my trip to Israel back in June was my longest period between posts in this blog’s lifetime. I suppose it means I’m consistent!


Nebraska Regional: 7 days

Semester Kickoff: 37 days

Green Bay: 94 days

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I was at the MAA MathFest yesterday and today. When I go to professional conferences, I invariably focus on going to as many talks that sound interesting.

However, it seems like a greedy algorithm that might only succeed in burning me out.

A few of my colleagues suggested using it more as a chance to catch up with former colleagues. I also know it is an important networking opportunity, but I find it more difficult to organically create conversation in professional situations than in casual situations.

Why, though? Impostor syndrome? Situational shyness? Something else?

Once in N years

When I have kibitzed Howard Schutzman’s (Hondo717) bridge sessions on Bridge Base, he sometimes tells us of the hands which are likely to come up “once every five years.”

Well, I have a question for my readers who play bridge. A bidding quiz, if you will. And it came from my dealing-and-bidding simulator that I am working on alongside my summer SURE student.

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