It works out!

The last 30-ish hours have been interesting in terms of my schedule and changes therein.

The original plans included the following:

  1. Friday after Zumba: finish up grading and catch the 18:02 bus to downtown
  2. Leading services at the synagogue starting at 18:30, followed by dinner
  3. Saturday: Going to UWEC to volunteer for Math Meet from 09:00-14:00
  4. Clean up my apartment while waiting for familial visitors afterward
  5. Have dinner with Mom, Dad, Levi, and Sasha somewhere in Eau Claire
  6. Drive to the Twin Cities to stay overnight with the familial units
  7. Sunday: ???

What actually happened? Read on…

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Technical difficulties

Don’t worry, I’m not currently having technical difficulties, but ever since I completed grad school, I have taught at schools that have a January interim period prior to the spring semester.

This has allowed me to go to the Joint Mathematics Meetings in three of those years (during my first year at Carthage, I taught Applied Math in the J-Term).

However… it turns out that every time I have gone to the JMM, I’ve had technical difficulties during the winter break somehow! I’ll start it with the first time I went to the JMM… in 2009 when I was a senior in college!

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All but the university

The weather is HARSH right now in Eau Claire! Last night, there was a significant snowstorm (though I don’t think it dumped quite as much snow as predicted or feared). After the snow stops, wind chills that haven’t happened in about 20 years are predicted to blow in.

Last night, after watching American Ninja Warrior, the ten-o’clock news was next, and I watched since I was still ironing clothes. Isn’t it ironic? (Prepares for a pie to be thrown.)

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Spectacularly aging

On Facebook right now, a popular posting meme going around is “How Hard Has Aging Hit You?”

People post their first profile pictures from Facebook side-by-side with their most recent profile picture.

However, I’d like to expand on that in this post with a few intermediate steps, and there’s a reason why, with a couple of photos below a spoiler space.

I’ll start with the sequence from first profile photo to intermediate photos to most recent, and will then give the spoiler space and a few more photos explaining why I chose the intermediate steps.

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