Swallowed pride

“I will swallow my pride,

I will get out and drive,

Though I’d much rather take a ride…”

(Apologies to Eve 6.)

These lines tell of a few times of swallowed pride since the last time that I posted, which was quite a while ago!

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Maybe I’m talking about a few different things here. Indeed, what I’d like to talk about on Monday is the fact that “EXPIRED” appeared at least thrice.

The good news: none of them refer to the medical definition of “EXPIRED” with respect to a person.

However, two of these EXPIRED situations caused me to have a false start on the day.

Photo credit: picclickimg.com

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Party of 2!

On Friday, Dina and I went to Walker Bros. (The Original Pancake House) for breakfast, and not surprisingly, had to wait in line.

At Walker Bros., they will not seat your party until it is complete. However, that is not the idea that I wanted to discuss. I chatted about this with Dina, and want to share our thoughts on the following question:

“In a restaurant, if you are an individual or party of 2, would you be willing to join another small party of complete strangers if a table of 4 is available?”

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