This post has a slight connection to my first “Old School” post, as afterimages are something that happened in that trip that I did not mention in the Ten Quality Sentences.

But, I stumbled upon the term and thought about writing about it. Here goes nothing!

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My history with veggie burgers

This topic may seem to pop out of nowhere. However, it’s a story of changing mindsets, and I think it’s a good tale.  Furthermore, I have time to write about it since I’m on vacation and just KO’d the remainder of the grading and prep that I “must” do before returning to work next week.

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Let light increase

Photo credit: Sue Vincent.


Sun setting.

The day ends.

It has gotten brighter.

As spring approaches, dusk delays.

At some point, eighteen hundred hours.

That appointed hour will become merely dusky.

Throwback horizons choose to insert themselves on here.

Hopefully it does not interfere with Sue’s photo challenge!


Self-credit for photo (and that car did not hit me)

This photo, from precisely two years ago, precariously/safely prepared.

But today, further east than that photo, eighteen hundred brought dusk.

Merely thirteen days remain until eighteen hundred hours are certainly light here.

Granted, fortnight minus one could harbour all complaints about that infernal lost hour!

You probably notice the structure of this post—but short words make staircases preposterous!

Fifteen risers high, advancing time, and awkward sentences built during times of multipurpose transition—GO!


Lincoln: 6 days

פסח: ל”ב יום (Passover: 32 days)

Eau Claire: 39 days

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((x(t+1),y(t+1))=(-100.5510,42.8728) #wbw

How many people will be scared off from this post just because of the scary-looking title? If you’ve made it this far, have a look at the story, and then I’ll explain why I chose this super-intimidating-looking title.

Well, I inserted the #wbw to indicate that it’s a Way-Back Wednesday post, and it’s one of my old journals. Here we go!

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