Nine plus St. Charles Place

Um… but St. Charles Place isn’t a number, you might ask?

Well, actually it is, and its number is 11.

So, we’re looking at 20 here. What am I talking about? The picture after the “Read More” will start the story.

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#TBT: Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving. It’s a day for family! However, it has literally been ten years since I was last in Lincoln with my immediate family for Thanksgiving. In seven of the past nine years, I was in Milwaukee with Aunt Soni and her family for Thanksgiving. In 2015, I was in St. Paul with my close friend Sarah and her family, and last year I was in Deerfield with my then-girlfriend Dina and her family (I won’t use the word “ex” since we are still platonic friends, and “ex” often has a negative connotation).

I didn’t write any “special” paragraph journal, but I’ll add a little bit of commentary in italics from my original journal, as shown below.

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Happy birthday, receipt!

A receipt from 208 South Barstow. Noah's fingers obscure some of the info, but the date and DOB are the same.

This post might not have “aged” well. It contains a receipt from Monday.

If you notice in the upper right hand corner, there is Monday’s date, 11/12/18.

Just below that date: a DOB line with the same date.

To me, DOB always means Date of Birth. And I only see it on receipts from restaurants that sell alcohol.

Is there supposed to be a space for the DOB of the youngest party member?

Autumnal calm #writephoto

It is late in the autumnal season

Many of the leaves have given their last regards

Soon it will be freezin’

Because Mother Nature doesn’t mess with the cards


There is an odd sense of calm in this glen

Quite unlike the stress in the U

Sunny skies abound for the forest when

Students are stuck with exam review


The leafless trees stand stately

As the cold sun beats down without clouds

It’s too quiet — foreboding eerily

The upcoming ice might make tires screech loud


As the people in the college have hit the wall

Two weeks remain before a respite

Something will have to fall

‘Cause some of us might be getting desperate


With that, there is always a duality

Calm and overwhelmed are peas in a pod

One’s worst is another’s best quality

The yin and the yang are one squad


This quatrain has taken on a stream of consciousness

As do quite a few of my writings on this blog

Thankfully this type of writing isn’t my main business

At the end of the day it’s not a dead horse to flog


The weirdness continues as a free-wheeling clerk

Thus I should probably get ready to go

After all, I should enjoy this evening free of work

And snack on ice cream while watching it snow!


Okay, okay, one more stanza I should produce

Got to give credit where the idea did come

Sue Vincent’s prompt was how this post was induced

But now I sign off before a possible call from the Mum


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Lincoln I: 13 days

Lincoln II: 43-ish days

Baltimore: 69 days

[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-29] Overzealous

I was a little bit overzealous today! I had told my students in Geometry that I would prepare a test review for them (which they will have time on WEDNESDAY to attempt it in class) and have it posted before the end of class tomorrow online.

Well, that ended up being a little bit of a Pyrrhic victory for me on today’s schedule. It was prioritized ahead of tomorrow’s material, and though I managed to complete that as well, I stayed at the office later than I would have liked, and didn’t quite finish.

I had planned on going to The Plus for Karaoke, but decided that the work must come first.

Nevertheless, I was hungry, so I rode my bike home, had cereal for dinner, and then got back to work.

So it goes…


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Lincoln I: 23 days

Lincoln II: 57-ish days

Baltimore: 79 days