Feesa etho!

In the Chicago Tribune, John Kass has a monthly article to provide the “Moutza of the Month.” In every edition of this article, he describes what a moutza is, and usually mentions the following things:

“Spread your palms wide, and say ‘Nah!‘ (Here!) or ‘Feesa etho!’ (Blow on this!)”

Well, before anyone starts thinking that this post will become R- or X-rated, shelve your fears.

Rather than “Blow on this,” I’ll change the topic to “We blew it!”

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((x(t+1),y(t+1))=(-100.5510,42.8728) #wbw

How many people will be scared off from this post just because of the scary-looking title? If you’ve made it this far, have a look at the story, and then I’ll explain why I chose this super-intimidating-looking title.

Well, I inserted the #wbw to indicate that it’s a Way-Back Wednesday post, and it’s one of my old journals. Here we go!

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It has been snowy, snowy, and … snowy in Kenosha this week. It’s one of the snowiest winters (or at least most-frequent snow events) that I can remember in recent memory.

You might be wondering: what does that have to do with Oh-Fer? Well, I’ll say that Oh-Fer is often described in sports when an individual has 0/n on a certain stat (such as failure to complete a pass, failure to make a shot in basketball, etc.)

I had an oh-fer this week, specifically an oh-fer-five.

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