Water basketball: Part II of III

In the summer of 2006, I changed a few of the basic rules from my Water Basketball game, mostly with respect to the scoring, allowing two different types of scoring rules.

For a refresher of the rules of the original game, you can click here.

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2006 Final Four #TBT

Though I probably should have posted this yesterday for the anniversary of me going to my first NCAA finals event, I’ll do it today so as to make it an actual #TBT post. Here goes!

(Unfortunately, I have no photos, since this was during a time before I regularly had access to photography).

Thursday, December 14, 2006 NCAA Final Four Day

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Take five and take ten

Five years ago, on August 27, 2011, I had a momentous Saturday. Ten years ago, on August 27, 2006, I felt the recovery from a virus, of which the previous day was among the worst days in my undergraduate years. I have already given the full journal of FIVE years ago, so wanted to make a reflection on it a-la my reflections on the Israel trip. Then, I will give the full journal of 2006’s August 27.

There will be photos from five years ago!

WARNING: This is a long post since it would be better to have it as two posts. Sorry!

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April 9, 2006 (#FBF)

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Flashback Friday. Given that my main activity today will be driving, I will bring a post of a road trip from 2006–the longest day of me being in a car… or close enough.

Granted, today’s drive is “only” a combined seven hours. Not as bad as the nine-ish hours from nine years ago!

(Note: This post was pre-scheduled to publish at 11:00. I’m not blogging while I’m driving!)


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Good fortunes

Recall my Wednesday post last week: I had talked about a few Buzzfeed-style personality quizzes, and related to how accurately they described me. Although those quizzes are intended for entertainment only, they can be surprisingly accurate.

Another thing that I found, which is intended for entertainment only, but may also have surprising accuracy, is the fortune cookie. Let’s consider a few salient ones for me.

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