Bad Deal

This is a pretty quick post, and I think I might start posting near-daily prior to M.A.P.L.E., since I have been very inconsistent with blogging lately.

It’s been rough getting prepped for my classes, as it takes A LOT longer than I expect. But the good news: this will pay dividends the next time I have to teach these classes online, which could happen as soon as next semester!

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Same old story

There’s a saying that goes, “Don’t tell the same story twice.” I have seen it most frequently with respect to contract bridge. For example, if you have a minimum hand, you don’t bid again unless partner has forced you in most situations. Bidding again is “telling the same story twice.”

Well, today that saying appeared on my job search.

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They say that in the Midwest, there are two seasons: winter and construction.

Well, Eau Claire is definitely in the latter season right now, as many routes are tied up by orange cones and orange signs.

Today on my commute to campus, I had to take TWO detours in less than 2 miles! Today, I chose to take Bellinger Street toward campus, which then turned into Fifth Street (yes, spelled as such). At Lake Street, the infernal barricade with “ROAD CLOSED” and a DETOUR sign forced me to… well, detour!


The detour didn’t take me out of the way at all, since I could still get to campus via First Street, which was the next arterial. I was then going to continue onto the pedestrian bridge to get to campus…


NOPE! >_<


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UWEC Sophomore Campaign: 36 days

NU/NU: 67 days

Florida: 154-ish days

[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-27] SAKA

Another long day for me today with nonstop fun:

  • Drove to the Twin Cities for services, which included a recognition of Rabbi Allen’s upcoming retirement
    • Lots of good speakers, I was happy to see some of my TC friends, and it was just overall a nice return to that synagogue after a month’s hiatus
  • Back at home, went 3-0 in a Pokemon Lost Thunder pre-release
  • Watched the Nebraska and Northwestern football games on DVR, successfully having avoided spoilers for both games
    • Enjoyed Chicago-style hot dogs (without mustard or relish) while watching, as well as doing a bunch of ironing of clothes

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