Not this time

Not this time? This could be a bunch of different things, but I will do this as a Compare-And-Contrast.

Given that tomorrow is July 21, I’m actually doing a compare-and-contrast: July 21, 2008 versus July 17, 2020. Let’s start with the Compares:

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[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VIII-30] Walk on left

The direction of preference in the USA always seems to be the right.

Is it because of the word itself? I mean, consider the following:

  • Vehicles drive on the right side of the road in most cases.
  • I feel like people take “right” to have a more positive connotation than “left” (the words themselves. I refuse to put values on the political spectrum in this post).
  • The home team is often listed on the right when a game is called by the names of the opponents.
  • Walk Right, Stand Left on some moving walkways.

Oh, about walk on left! For some reason, when I walk my bike, I always walk with my bike on the right, i.e. I am on the left. But last night, I walked with my bike on my left, and it felt really weird.

Is that a result of me being right-handed? Or just a commonality with the body’s preference for orientation with respect to a walked bike?


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Levi & Sasha: 11 days

Florida: 62 days


They say that in the Midwest, there are two seasons: winter and construction.

Well, Eau Claire is definitely in the latter season right now, as many routes are tied up by orange cones and orange signs.

Today on my commute to campus, I had to take TWO detours in less than 2 miles! Today, I chose to take Bellinger Street toward campus, which then turned into Fifth Street (yes, spelled as such). At Lake Street, the infernal barricade with “ROAD CLOSED” and a DETOUR sign forced me to… well, detour!


The detour didn’t take me out of the way at all, since I could still get to campus via First Street, which was the next arterial. I was then going to continue onto the pedestrian bridge to get to campus…


NOPE! >_<


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