As a blogger, though I enjoy writing posts, I also enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts.

However, I put reading others’ posts on a much lower pedestal among my other hobby activities, and unless I am in a sequence of scheduled posts (e.g. M.A.P.L.E.), blogging sometimes takes a lower rung on my list of priorities.

Eh… it also doesn’t help that I was moving this week, which caused my e-mail box to overflow with links to blog posts, since I use e-mail subscriptions for most of the blogs that I read.

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Wood Anniversary

It’s that time again! Right after I got back from Birthright in 2011, I signed up for a blog on WordPress, with the goal of sharing my journals, not only from the trip, but also other thoughts. Today is the “Wood Anniversary” (i.e., fifth anniversary) of the blog! (Hooray!)

Thus, just as I reflected on my Israel trip during the last 10 days, I might as well reflect on my blogging journey through the last 5 years.

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Creative chronicles

There are so many different ways to tell a story of your life or at least a phase in your life. Some people will tell these stories directly, by face-to-face (or text-to-text) conversations. Others will use videos, others might use comics, and I would guess that today, some people chronicle entirely in Emojis.  (I definitely do not fall into the latter camp!)

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