[M.A.P.L.E. VI-23] Circa fifty miles

Depending on where you are, a drive of around fifty miles can provide much different time frames.

Much of that can vary, depending on speed limits and traffic. This post, in some sense, reflects on why I am sometimes hesitant to drive to Milwaukee or Chicago for JUST an evening.

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[Taglit 5-Year Retrospective] The Travel To Israel

A reminder of yesterday’s post before I get started on the Retrospective.

Until the end of the month, I will be writing retrospective posts on my Birthright Israel trip, which occurred exactly five years ago, and fortuitously the days of the week also align (e.g., July 20, 2011 was also a Wednesday)!

I never posted my journal on the day before Israel, so I will post the journal entry here. For the remaining days, the following format will be given:

  1. A link to the original journal entry on my blog.
  2. A new reflection on my thoughts from that day in the five-year retrospective.

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Minuses and pluses of travel

Another week, another no-posts-during-the-weekdays-week.

Nevertheless, since I have posted something today and the last Sunday, I’m not ineligible for calling it “postaweek!” And I might be able to get a few more posts in this week over my spring break.

Why? Some of what I’ll have is tide and time and time and tide is on my side! (Or something like that… sorry Brian Eno.)

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Bridging six years

Every so often, two similar experiences will bookend a period of time. And the title of this post is apt as a pun as well as a description. (I will say that this post was intended for yesterday, but I had a longer-than-expected day.)

It’s been just under six years that I have lived in Evanston, but today will be my last full-time day here… tomorrow is the big Menomonie move! I want to reminisce about something from September 2009 in this post.

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