When the word is used without a context, it has a few different possible meanings.

It could be a past-tense verb.

It could be a mild curse word like what my Dad uses.

Or, you could use both versions in the same sentence.

For example, “I just got blasted by the blasted wind when I opened the door!”

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We’ll all stick together in all kinds of weather

The school song for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has the following lyrics:

“There is no place like Nebraska,

Dear old Nebraska U,

Where the girls are the fairest,

The boys are the squarest,

Of any old school that I knew!

There is no place like Nebraska,

Where they’re all true blue,

We’ll all stick together

In all kinds of weather

For dear old Nebraska U!”

After last weekend, it made me realize how the “all kinds of weather” line is super salient to me. Not just for Dear Old Nebraska U, but also for my friends and causes that I care about. I can offer several examples from recent years that show my loyalty to people, teams, and causes are rarely sidetracked by the weather. These are in approximate chronological order.

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[377/441] Teased!

It’s the perfect season

for the weather to do some teasin’!

Yes, frequently the temperature is subfreezing

But the sky doesn’t always have the cohesion!


Look outside on any sunny winter day,

Seems like a perfect time to go out and away…

But then you think about stepping outdoors

Only to face the pratfall on the ground’s icy floors!


And even when the sun shines bright

The cold will very well sap your might

For all the cheeriness that the sun can bring

The schvitzed shirt under a thousand layers you must later wring.


Oh, and how could I forget bright sun

Shortly after a snowstorm is done?

Albedo comes to stun your eyes

Much more effectively than you realize.


And when the sun inevitably hides it face

To bring dreary days that will not efface

You would wish that the sun came back

Even though it doesn’t predict the wind’s attack!


Yes, I wouldn’t trade winter’s sunlight for the clouds

The brightness outside can make any stranded soul proud…

The sun proves that the snow will eventually melt

As you get to later exult with another winter under your belt!


Today is the three-hundred and seventy-seventh day of Mission 441.  Sixty-four days remain.

[M.M.X.I.V. 354] Good morning

Today’s post is somewhat of a Freewrite, but I am not using my “normal Freewrite rules.”   Instead, it is structured like the Rant game from Cram.  There are three key words that I must use.  But, there won’t be any buzzers for hesitations, off-topics, or “uh/ums.”

The not-so-free freewrite follows…