Timely comments

On my blog, comment threads are open in perpetuity, because I enjoy having people read old posts and give me feedback or try to start a conversation.

Because I am on WordPress, I have the Akismet plugin which blocks almost all spam comments to be held in a spam queue. I don’t think I’ve ever got a notification to accept a spam comment, as Akismet is good at flagging false comments.

Additionally, it has never flagged a false positive for me.

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Although there are few things that press my buttons, I find that reading comment threads tends to unnerve me, due to a lot of contentiousness between certain commenters. And the word “kitchen” in a comment is probably one of those as well. Let me explain.

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With all that is going on in the world right now, between Trump’s inauguration and the Women’s Marches, there has been a lot of activity on social media and comment threads around. Many of the threads with controversy have had strong feelings on each side (duh). Unfortunately, they seem to quickly devolve into shouting matches and unwarranted attacks. This is especially true of comment threads from news sources, but is even true with personal threads from some of my friends.

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