[M.A.P.L.E. IX-25] Painted memory #writephoto

The image that Sue Vincent provided for this week’s prompt is rather salient to me, as it quite well reminds me of an adventure that I had three years and 364 days ago! (Yep, though I could blog about it exactly four years later by posting this one day later, I want to ensure that it is submitted by Sue’s deadline.)

This is also in my sequence of “Reconstructed Journal,” as the journal of the original day is in bullet points. Here we go!

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[Tour of Israel Part 6] Up to the North

Sunday, June 11 / יום ראשון, 17 סיון

My day started at 06:45. Packing took almost no time, and I donned my North Shore Century T-shirt and some shorts. When both Seth and I were ready, we went downstairs, but did not take our bags with us — planning on returning to the room after eating. Breakfast was the same as in previous days, but I also had an omelet which was pretty tasty! I sat with Liz and Jay, and it somewhat became a coda on a previous conversation that I had with them.

Returning upstairs, I took a picture of the clock whose minute hand is broken, and also the Nebraska-State-Capitol-esque building. We then checked out of the room, and loaded up the bus. Unlike on Birthright, there was no Rotating Participant Loading or Unloading Crew. We had planned to leave by 08:45, and this was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, having left at 08:40. As we got to Begin Boulevard, Gili put on a recording of the song ירושלים של זהב (Jerusalem of Gold), which naturally started my tear ducts.

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[Tour of Israel Part 5] A Relaxing Shabbat

Saturday, June 10 / יום שבת. 16 סיון

I arose at 07:30. Re-donning last night’s clothes, I went down for breakfast, in the manner of taking the שבת elevator (which has the buttons disabled and stops at every floor, moving relatively slowly). Breakfast was basically identical to what I had on previous days, but there was obviously no omelet/pancake station available. All of the shul-goers got up and met us, in anticipation for leaving.

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