Taking it literally… a short vignette

This is a quick story from yesterday that I can’t believe only came up then. I think it is still fun to read it.

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Can’t Win

Yesterday, I had planned on riding my bike both to and from League. The transportation ended up being a Can’t-Win situation, but thankfully it did not become a You-Lose situation. I’ll explain: in my case, Winning and Losing are not Black and White.

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[M.M.X.I.V. 305] Unplug the stopper

This is probably one of my most cryptic post titles that I have used.  Strangely enough, despite the use of the word “stopper,” I am not talking about a high card in bridge to prevent the opponents from running the suit.  Instead, the stopper refers to a bottleneck.

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[M.M.X.I.V. 222] Ostensibly prompted

On Friday night, I had gone down to Lakeview to attend services for Mishkan Chicago, and I mentioned this in yesterday’s post as well.  It was a great night, and in addition to Rabbi Potek, the Northwestern Hillel rabbi, being there and giving a great sermon, one of my friends, Alex, who graduated from NU in June, was there as well.  As it turns out, she provided a prompt for me, and interestingly enough, I will act on the prompt by reporting on the L ride.

This is Belmont. Transfer to Brown Line trains at Belmont. This is a Red Line train to Howard.