[Tour of Israel Part 4] Masada Without Incident

Friday, June 9 / יום שישי, 15 סיון

After a restless sleep, I was awake at 06:45. Just like six years ago, I had a restless night prior to Masada, but this will NOT have the same aftermath — there will NOT be a SPLAT! I donned my Taglit shirt and some shorts, and had breakfast downstairs. I was not thrilled with the cheese that I tried, and given last night, played it a little conservatively with my food choices. A long day is ahead, and I wrote this paragraph when I was in the airport, at 23:40. In other words, GIDDYUP!

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[M.M.X.I.V. 113] Wandering in wonder

Today’s Daily Prompt seems to be quite well-timed.  It wants me to list five places that I (have always) want(ed) to visit.  One of those would not be on this list, but because of what happened to me a thousand days ago, a certain place has added itself to the list (I will list this fifth on the list).

In no particular order, here are the five places that I would like to visit:

1) Archaeological digs in Jerusalem.  Prior to going on Birthright, when I mentioned to my advisor my leave, he mentioned that the archaeological digs are really interesting.  Clearly, though, on the trip, I was unable to participate in one.  In some sense, Birthright is a 101-level course, i.e. a buffet line of things to see and do in Israel.  Therefore, seeing more of Israel is certainly on my list.

2) Alaska.  When I was an undergraduate at UNL, I met Kelsey G. and Megan V., who both went to Chugiak High School in Eagle River.  The former was a star on the Husker basketball team, and the latter became a good acquaintance throughout my undergraduate career.  She told stories of the outdoorsy activities done up there, the long days during the summer, and the aurora borealis, among other things.  This whets my appetite for adventure.

3) A long trip in Europe.  I love riding on bikes, and I have heard that much of Europe is both bike- and public-transit friendly.  I would love to take various adventures in Europe, in order to just explore.  Currently, though, I have no particular destinations in mind.

4) Places with lots of caves to explore. In 2001, my family went on a cruise to the Caribbean, and one of the ports of call was Barbados.  When we were there, we took an excursion to a cave, and I really enjoyed the adventure therein.  I have always enjoyed the sense of adventure in various landforms, I think.

5) The Salty Sea (better known as The Dead Sea.) Despite this being a place that every (?) Birthright Israel trip goes, due to my pratfall on Masada (which incidentally occurred exactly 1,000 days ago!), I was redirected to בער-שבע (Beersheba) to get sutures for the injury, while the rest of the bus went on as scheduled.  Therefore, that is unfinished business for me to see–and combined with Item #1 on my list, I will definitely return to Israel at some point.  When?  Who knows…


Today is the one-hundred and thirteenth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes sixteen weeks and one day.

היום שמונה ימים, שהם שבוע אחד ויום אחד לעומר