When the word is used without a context, it has a few different possible meanings.

It could be a past-tense verb.

It could be a mild curse word like what my Dad uses.

Or, you could use both versions in the same sentence.

For example, “I just got blasted by the blasted wind when I opened the door!”

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Short four letter words often have multiple meanings. One example is “trip.” We could be talking Trip and Trap as in Robin Hood Daffy…

Or, related, the “Oops, I tripped!” while doing field work in 2007. (This photo may have been from the same day…)

Sedge Pond, near Lake McConaughy, in the summer of 2007.

Sedge Pond, near Lake McConaughy, in the summer of 2007.

Let’s instead consider the Trip in travel.

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[415/441] Engage!

I specifically did not use the past participle of this word, because I know that a title of “engaged!” might get people here with a certain expectation of what the post is about. Indeed, I am NOT engaged to be married, given that I am still single! I wanted to consider the different forms of “engage” and how they relate to me right now… as well as how I have used or seen them previously!

Engage with the material!

[M.M.X.I.V. 192] Crash


Crash is quite the word to consider,

Mulling it last night almost tripped my trigger.

Yes, I was almost about to crash laughing

At the same time that I was trying to crash sleeping.


It made me laugh, but does that make me a masochist

Given that I am still reeling from the injured wrist?

I don’t think so, for as should be well known,

Laughter is an underrated medicine that I ALWAYS own.


They say that a quick lesson or class 

Is a crash course to amass,

Yes, I realize that sentence probably makes no sense,

My rhyming ability on the fly is not so immense.


Why is the latter called a crash course?  

Seems like a weird way to learn how to ride a horse.

It may help you learn all the ABCs of some subject,

Are there times when this ends up being abject?


Well, maybe my driver’s ed in 2001 was along this,

Fifteen hours in class, and fear was the thesis.

So short was I that I needed to prop up a pillow 

As the instructor in the passenger side readied the extra brake — not mellow!


And don’t worry, one of the other colloquialisms of crash,

I have never performed, as I am not a soul who is rash.

Considering that I am pretty reserved on the weekends,

Jumping into a party uninvited would not make many friends.


And then that song that I linked at the start?

The word crash never makes the song, so what’s with this art?

The answer is a survey I took in oh-five on the Web on songs,

No sooner did I take its song sample that it all went wrong,

My browser froze and crashed, and when I tried again, still a crash,

So much for trusting Internet Explorer, and I can’t throw it in the trash!



Today is the one-hundred and ninety-second day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twenty-seven weeks and three days.