Last Class Travels

Today, I did much like what I did in 2013, but in a different vein.

Yep, I surprised my Mom at the Passover seder, but this time it was directly at the seder, rather than a few hours before it occurred! The seder was at my Aunt Lori’s house, which added to the surprise!

However, getting there was slightly annoying based on decisions that I made or failed to make. Let me count the ways…

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[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VI-14] Rain delay

I’ve been at plenty of outdoors sporting events with awful weather. Among some of these have been games that there was no delay, since most of the sports other than baseball/softball play on in any type of weather.

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Misadventure from Tuesday

On Wednesday, I had my job interview with UW-Parkside. But it was quite a misadventure to get there on Tuesday.

In some sense, the misadventure from Tuesday paralleled my “Worst Day in Undergraduate Years” with a few of the following parallels:

  • Backtracking
  • Lost item(s)
  • Flying “solo”
  • Transportation problems

So, here is my story. The present tense, when used, refers to my thoughts at the time.

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[427/441] Third rail

Trains that are powered electrically can be powered in one of a few different ways.  They may receive power from overhead lines, or they can be powered from an electrified rail on the tracks.  The latter is also known as the third rail.  It is 600 volts of deadliness for a person who steps on it unprotected.

For that reason, the “third rail” is often used as an expression for a dangerous topic of conversation or debate.  As it turns out, there is a topic of conversation which is a third rail to me!

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