Although there are few things that press my buttons, I find that reading comment threads tends to unnerve me, due to a lot of contentiousness between certain commenters. And the word “kitchen” in a comment is probably one of those as well. Let me explain.

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[Round Two O.C.T.O.B.E.R. V] Conservation of energy

I better preface before the rest of the post: this is NOT a post about physics!  I’ll let the audience exhale a sigh of relief, and then I will continue.

So, I am posting this blog post on a schedule–I wrote it on Thursday night.  I was going to have no time to write it today, given the JAM PACKED SCHEDULE that I have:

Between 04:00 and 04:20: Wake up (!!)

Before 05:00: Arrive at Lakeside Field to get into the “pit” for ESPN GameDay.

Then until 11:00: Enjoying the live set of College GameDay.  Hopefully my signs and/or hard hat show up multiple times on the show!

11:00 to 14:30-ish: Expressly and safely riding down to Chicago in order to get to Rockwood Place for my first available slot of watching the Husker game this season (the previous weeks all had the game simultaneous as a Northwestern home game, me in Lincoln anyway, or on Yom Kippur).

15:30: Expected return time to Evanston, and then taking a power nap.  Thank you, Frank A Prince!

16:00-19:00: Tailgating at up to four different spots.  I’ll enjoy the food, but given today’s schedule, Rule #0 will be strictly enforced.

19:00-22:30 or so: The big game: #15 ‘Cats vs. #3 Buckeyes!  No further explanation required.

Afterward: Play it by ear.  Maybe I will be ready to collapse like the last time GameDay was in Chicago, or maybe I’ll get a fourth wind a-la the day at Masada.

Now, I boldfaced a few items, which are the main point of this post.  The first one is the thing about Frank A. Prince.  When I was a senior at UNL, I had gone to a hypnotism show, but the hypnotist mentioned that he had a self-hypnosis program designed to get you to subconsciously change your thoughts.  I attempted it and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning when I headed off to Colorado on a Fastbreakers bus trip.  (The hypnotist was NOT Frank A. Prince.) And it worked well!

A few months later, when I was about to fly to Pittsburgh for my visit to UPitt, Dad let me rip the Speed Sleep CD that he got.  He had previously described it to me as a directed nap, and although I was never much of a napper when I was younger, hypnotic suggestions tend to be quite effective on me.  It has helped me dispel difficult thoughts on occasion when they have distracted my sleep (though stomachaches still cause problems).  And, on days where I KNOW that my sleep schedule will be messed up, either by waking up early or sleeping late, I attempt to use the CD in order to take a nap in the middle of the day.  This will certainly be the case then.

Mind is certainly above matter.  I know that I can safely stay up for a longer consecutive period than my mind tells me.  However, recently if I have had odd sleep or activity schedules, it has messed with both my mind and body.  For example, on November 20, 2010, I was awake at 03:00 in order to catch a shuttle bus with other Northwestern students to go to Wrigley Field for GameDay.  I had plenty of energy during GameDay and the Northwestern game, but between the end of that game and the Husker game that I was going to see at Kirkwood that same day, I thought I had enough energy, despite Nir offering me a chance to nap at his pad.

I was wrong!  I crashed by halftime, and a stomachache further chased me back to Evanston.  Of course, that was the end of a day of football debacles, that started with the ‘Cats 27-48 loss to the Illini, and was followed by the Huskers 6-9 loss at the Aggies.  Thankfully, the Speed Sleep left me recovered the next morning.

Well, this time I will take that nap, and it’s going to be a day of victories.  I see the Huskers having more confidence on defense, and the ‘Cats pulling out all the stops to show that they have arrived on the national scene!


Today is the fifth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.