[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-6] Fight! (Part 2 of 3)


Wow, it’s been a long time since I have done a video blog post! But, as I suggested in my last post in this sequence, I would sing all of my schools’ fight songs.

Additionally, I have shirts and/or hats that I’ll wear as I sing said songs.

Let’s start with my high school fight song! In this and all cases, if there’s a call-and-response, spelling, or other participatory part at the end, the song usually repeats, but to save some time here, I’ll ignore the repeat. Additionally, I will attempt to “a-cappella” the instrumental parts.

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Fight! (Part 1 of 3 or 4)

Yesterday, I witnessed sporting events, both live and on TV, of several schools that I have been affiliated with. And with each of these schools, I have taken their fight songs to heart and sang said songs at sporting events, with or without musical accompaniment.

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[M.M.X.I.V. 264] Monday’s Music Moves Me (Blog hop)

One of the blogs that I regularly follow, Curious as a Cathy, has a number of weekly memes for blogging.  It includes the “Monday’s Music Moves Me,” which is a Blog Hop, encouraging people to link to others’ blogs based off a musical prompt.  I have mentioned quite a few of the songs that I am about to link to in my Musical Memories Shuffles, so on this post, I simply link to the songs and maybe briefly caption them.

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(MAPLE VII) Musical Monday/Shuffling musical memories VIII

I figure that since there tend to be a lot of alliterations that people like to use, I’ll try blogging about something related to music each Monday.  It may be my Shuffling Musical Memories sequence (I don’t think they actually ADD UP to be a series!) or something else pertinent to music.  Today, it’s the shuffle.

Although from here on out, since not every song has a memory associated with it, I will either list a memory or mention why it is significant to me (or why I chose to download it).

Here we go!

1) Hail Varsity by the Pride of All Nebraska.  The significance of this song is self-explanatory, and a bazillion memories related to this song are clearly in my head.  One of my favorite versions of the song was on the bus trip to Kansas State in my freshman year, where unfortunately the Huskers lost to the Wildcats by a score of 64-71.  The lyrics went like this:

“We don’t know the words; we don’t know the words; we dooon’t know the words, we don’t know the worrrrrrds, we don’t know the words, we don’t know the words, we don’t know the words, we don’t know the words!  GO BIG RED! GO BIG RED! GO BIG RED!”

It wasn’t until 1.5 years later that I actually found the version of the words that seem to fit the tune.

2) West Virginia Fantasies by Chicago.  This one came up in a previous post, but I can explain the significance and why I seem to like it.  It is purely instrumental, which obviously has a lot going for it given my usual song preferences.  Additionally, the end of the song seems to excite me, as I like the particular trumpet patterns that ends the song.  It has somewhat of a mysterious quality with which to end the song.

3) If You’re Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield.  One of very few songs from the late 90’s/early 2000s that I like, but this is a ballad that I really like.  (I guess the ballads from this time were just fine, but much of the other Top-40 stuff… not so much!) The background music seemed to set itself apart from other songs in the same time period, and the message in the song is telling as well.  Actually, it resounds well with the message that I wrote about yesterday, as it’s a man yearning for love.  It’s a mystery!

4) Eat It by Weird Al Yankovich.  This, as well as other Weird Al songs, are all really funny as parodies of songs that I also like.   This song is the finale of the Zooperstars halftime show that I have seen several times throughout my undergrad and graduate career, when the fish character (Mackerel Jordan) eats the feeder whole.  And for that matter, Silly String from earlier in the act!

5) Play The Game Tonight by Kansas.  This song is on the “Best of Kansas 1999” CD.  Like most of the songs on the CD, I didn’t initially care for or intently listen to it, but when rediscovered 6-ish years later, and especially now, I have developed a liking for it.  Like other Kansas songs, the instrumentals are what get me especially, with the interlude in the middle of the song (though this one is much shorter than some of the others, e.g. “The Pinnacle”).  Of course, I have no idea what “the game” is, but with “over and over and over again,” something about a routine is implied, methinks…

6) Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo.  During one of our last trips on RUTE to our research ponds, the Twiggy Pond north of Spring Creek had significantly dried up.  I noticed all the arrowheads, and joked that this might be the site of a dead man’s party at night.  It didn’t get much response, but of course I started singing this song, terribly off-key and with all the wrong lyrics!

7) Heat of the Moment (live) by Asia.  This was the first Asia song I heard (although the studio version was the one I had heard).  I liked it, but then found “Only Time Will Tell” for which I took a greater preference.  However, after hearing this song again, I think that the exposure to another Asia song helped improve my appreciation for this one.  My favorite part of this song is the instrumental interlude complete with the trill in about the middle.  (Of course, it’s hard to describe the instrumental part in words!)

8) Night on the Town by Eric Darius.  It’s a jazz song that I discovered on Pandora, and after hearing it a few times, took a liking to.  Several parts of the song I listen to with alacrity, but as a whole, it flows well and would be fun to dance to.  Granted, it’s a lot harder to describe what I like about the song if I can’t use lyrics as a meter.  But the sax solo at about the 2:00 minute mark is great.

9) The Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Once I found the song outside of the band versions, it was interesting to hear how different it sounded on the radio (indeed, I had drawn this song recently on the list so this is a second part).  Actually, though, once I found this song and listened to the lyrics, it allowed me to adjust my choreography slightly when I heard it from the band.  Sometimes, if I know the lyrics to a song, I attempt to act out some of the words in my movements.  It’s not always very successful, but whatever it is, the movements are always G-rated.

10) Your Love by The Outfield.  This song was a staple on the Ultimate 80’s Request Party, and my favorite part of the song is the instrumentals.  I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics, but I have heard that some people say the lyrics are somewhat creepy/stalkerish/cheating/something else.  Doesn’t matter to me!

11) This Is Your Night by Amber.  This song was first introduced to me in the early/mid-90’s with other similar dance songs.  Once again, my favorite part of this song is the instrumentals, in particular the little part after the words “I can’t run away so attracted by you…” that I have found is actually different on different mixes of the song.  I like both versions.   This song, in particular, reminds me of tumbling at Hollingsworth Studio in Fort Dodge.

12) La Bamba by Ritchie Valens.  I have heard this song at various times, but I am not sure what the most significant time is.  Source monitoring can be difficult sometimes. It stuck in my head after hearing it a few times on the oldies station, and of course I like the instrumental interlude in the song–it has the right combination of notes and tempo to engage me.

13) Too Close by Next.  This song, despite being an R&B-style ballad, was still one of my favorite songs in the late 90’s, perhaps somewhat because I didn’t hear it that often.  Listening now, I am glad that I never paid attention to the lyrics, but the background music was to my liking.  I never knew the name of the song back then, but could recognize it nonetheless.  The line “Now girl I know you’ve failed me” hides one of my favorite chords in the song.

14) The Horse by Cliff Nobles and Co.  The most salient time that I heard this song was at a young-professional’s night at Kehillah Israel, the synagogue that Cousins David and Anya attend in Kansas City.  I was in town for two Pokemon TCG tournaments, and stayed overnight with them.  There was a live jazz quartet, and this was one of the songs that they played.  Obviously, I asked, and they said it was “Love Is All Right.”  Later did I find out that is the name of the A-side of this song!  Anyway, this night was awesome because I got into deep conversation with people, and just really enjoyed being in a new situation.

15) Too Shy by Kajagoogoo.  The instrumentals at the beginning lead up to a great song, and also the instrumentals during the chorus are engaging to me.  Interestingly enough, the lyrics of the song also suit my times of hearing this song perfectly–I frequently heard it on the Ultimate 80’s request party, and I think back then, I was too shy to go “out” with friends/acquaintances other than those who happened to be, for example, at the basketball games I would go to on Friday nights in high school.

OK! That’s fifteen, and time is up anyway!

Today’s counts and nugget:

Today is Day 7 of MAPLE.

היום שלושים יום, שהם ארבעה שבועת ושני ימים לעמר

One who knows, goes.