[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VIII-27] Juxtapose

Perhaps with a little bit of writer’s block, I decided to go to dailypost.wordpress.com to look at their archive of prompts. These prompts were often what I used to get through my daily challenges, especially during M.M.X.I.V./Mission 441.

They’re no longer publishing new prompts, but many of the old prompts I can still use. And I will think about “Juxtapose.”

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[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VIII-26] Masochism

Yesterday, I said “three out of four ain’t bad.”

Well, the theme of today was “zero out of three ain’t good.”

As is somewhat customary during fall days, I watched 3 football games involving my teams:

UWEC 8-43 #16 UW Platteville.

Northwestern 0-20 #20 Iowa.

Nebraska 31-38 Indiana.

Yep, 0-3 with my alma maters and current employer, and all of them were humiliating home losses.

There was also North Central 49-6 Carthage :(, but the one saving grace was UW Stout 38-31 UW Stevens Point.

I’m a masochist for following my teams through their terrible football seasons, but once again Samantha and I fled the UWEC game early because of being insufficiently bundled up. It was 8-29 when we left, and as we got home, it quickly ballooned to 8-43.


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Levi & Sasha: 14 days

Florida: 65 days

#TBT: Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving. It’s a day for family! However, it has literally been ten years since I was last in Lincoln with my immediate family for Thanksgiving. In seven of the past nine years, I was in Milwaukee with Aunt Soni and her family for Thanksgiving. In 2015, I was in St. Paul with my close friend Sarah and her family, and last year I was in Deerfield with my then-girlfriend Dina and her family (I won’t use the word “ex” since we are still platonic friends, and “ex” often has a negative connotation).

I didn’t write any “special” paragraph journal, but I’ll add a little bit of commentary in italics from my original journal, as shown below.

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[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-27] SAKA

Another long day for me today with nonstop fun:

  • Drove to the Twin Cities for services, which included a recognition of Rabbi Allen’s upcoming retirement
    • Lots of good speakers, I was happy to see some of my TC friends, and it was just overall a nice return to that synagogue after a month’s hiatus
  • Back at home, went 3-0 in a Pokemon Lost Thunder pre-release
  • Watched the Nebraska and Northwestern football games on DVR, successfully having avoided spoilers for both games
    • Enjoyed Chicago-style hot dogs (without mustard or relish) while watching, as well as doing a bunch of ironing of clothes

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Feesa etho!

In the Chicago Tribune, John Kass has a monthly article to provide the “Moutza of the Month.” In every edition of this article, he describes what a moutza is, and usually mentions the following things:

“Spread your palms wide, and say ‘Nah!‘ (Here!) or ‘Feesa etho!’ (Blow on this!)”

Well, before anyone starts thinking that this post will become R- or X-rated, shelve your fears.

Rather than “Blow on this,” I’ll change the topic to “We blew it!”

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