Six and eleven

Oftentimes when you see the word “and” between two numbers, you think of a plus sign. Well, obviously then the answer is seventeen.

Cue the Humbug yelling a wrong answer, or preparing to eat six more bowls of FAMINE.

It’s not coincidental that the year is two thousand and seventeen, because today’s date is also significant, from seventeen years ago.

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[M.A.P.L.E. VI-26] Madness!

Though I don’t follow college baseball as closely as I do college basketball, this year I am interested, because both of my D-I teams (Nebraska and Northwestern) are in the B1G tournament (of which only 8 of the conference’s teams participate).

Work today has hardly been productive: partially due to “May Madness,” partially due to it being a Friday, and partially for other reasons.

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[M.M.X.I.V. 61] See you Monday!

When I was in high school, oftentimes on Fridays I would tell my teachers upon leaving the class, “See you on Monday.”  However, sometimes I would later see them in the hallway on that same Friday… and whenever that happened, I had to quip, “Is it Monday already?”

After several iterations of that, I realized that my obsession with specificity and that quip got a little old.  So, I started saying, “See you Monday, or sooner!”  Similarly, this occurred whenever I said “see you tomorrow” on other weekdays.

In some sense, this has taken on another light now that I am at Northwestern.  In particular, on Friday evenings when I go to services, on some weeks I will also attend services on Saturday morning.  But, because both of those correspond to the 7th day of the Jewish week (שבת), the “see you tomorrow” is then followed by, “Or, later today per se!”  The fun property of differing calendars–I have brought that up several times now!

I realize that this whole post is a pedantic point, but those subtle points are always the most interesting to resolve (or to attempt to resolve)!


Today is the sixty-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes eight weeks and five days.

[M.M.X.I.V. 60] Twice is a coincidence

Back in June, I had to get my driver’s license updated (despite having lived in Chicago for four years, I was still using my old Nebraska license until just before it expired for my 26th birthday).  This was the Day of Double Irony, with playing hooky from work to go to the Bike to Work rally, followed by biking to the department of motor vehicles!

Last month, my wallet vanished somewhere when I was riding my bike, so I had to get all of my financial account numbers changed, deal with a few bank errors (NOT IN MY FAVOR), and use my passport as a government photo ID.  I couldn’t bring myself to find a time to go to the DMV, as all of them around me required either a bike ride or a train ride to downtown Chicago in the middle of the day.

Well, I finally chose to go yesterday, planning to first go to a friend’s haircut place… but she was under the weather today, so that plan was dashed.  (On the Day of Double Irony, one thing I didn’t mention in my post was that I was thinking of riding my bike to services that night, but decided against it at the last minute, instead just taking the L down to Lincoln Park.)

After Skyping with my adviser, I equipped Under Armour, doubly-lined socks and gloves, took out my Trek for the first time in 2014, and put myself under the weather… literally.  It was sunny but cold (about -12 Celsius), and a south wind impeded my speed trying to go in a southwesterly direction.  Getting there was no trouble, as I went through Skokie, Lincolnwood, and the woods of the North Branch Trail.  (Actually, I think this may now be the coldest weather I have ever ridden a road bike in!)  A few of my digits were cold by the time I got to the DMV a Long 40 Minutes(TM) after I started, but all in all, I was quite comfortable.

YAY–this DMV has a few parking spaces for me!  The bad thing was that it again took a long time, and this time just for a duplicate license–I didn’t have to take a test of any sort!  (I didn’t time it, but it took more than an hour to hear “Now serving: A. Zero. Four. Seven.  At window number Fifteen.”  And Window #15 was the “Supervisor” window, which must be a catch-all to try and reduce the queue for others.

After that ordeal, I repeated my idea from June 15: ate lunch at an Israeli grill: Taboun.  Although I have gotten catering from them several times, this is the first time that I have eaten in their actual restaurant.  I got שווארמה (schwarma) that also included fries, Coke, and pickles with beet… all for only $9 on their lunch special.  I finished eating just as they closed at 14:00–since they are Kosher-certified, they must close early on Fridays: no Kosher-certified place may be open on שבת (Shabbat).

So, does that mean wherever I move next, that I must go get שווארמה after I ride my bike in order to get my driver’s license?  It sounds like a tasty option 🙂


Today is the sixtieth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes eight weeks and four days.