Last Day At Sea (Alaska: Part VII)

Friday, July 6, 2018

At 07:40, I woke up without an alarm. Using the Princess Patter, I planned the day on my phone’s Princess @ Sea intranet. Levi was sleeping and though I attempted to wake him up, he wanted to sleep in. I equipped my Northwestern activewear and swimsuit, and headed upstairs to the buffet. The morning skies were foggy: couldn’t see anything outside at all!

I had light fare for breakfast—it was nothing to write home about. Sitting with strangers was also fine (better to eat with strangers than to eat alone when in a social situation, I say!) I seldom feel anxiety or danger around strangers, especially in this sort of environment. At 08:40, I finished eating and headed to the Vista Lounge. Dad and Molly were just leaving the lounge, having finished a session of Tai Chi.

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Long Day Amidst Scenic Cruising (Alaska: Part VI)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

My alarm blared at 03:20, and I arose without disturbing Levi. Walking in my PJs to the Piazza, only maintenance and International Cafe staff were in sight. Pre-dawn light was evident. Around 03:35, Bina and her crew arrived, even though some of the stayed up late last night at the Skywalkers Lounge. We took an elevator to the Lido Deck, and climbed ONE flight of stairs to the Sun Deck. The skies were good (i.e. clear), but eventually when the time came for the sunrise, said sunrise was BLOCKED by the mountains! Oh well—this was fun anyway, and I wished Bina a happy birthday too!

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Juneau plus 31 plus 12 divided by 4 (Alaska: Part IV)

Before I get started, let me explain the title. “Juneau” is a pun for “June Oh” (i.e. 0 June, i.e. 31 May). Using order of operations, 31 + 12 / 4 is 34, and 34 days after May 31 is July 3. (and I hope I’m not mis-indexing. If so, condemn the fence post problem!)

OK. Now, on with the post.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. V-12] Holidays and albums

It’s late in the evening on מוצאי יום כיפור (the evening after Yom Kippur), and I am writing this post mobile style. Ergo shall it be brief.

The last several Jewish holidays that I have spent with friends have involved looking at my friends’ family pictures. During both פסח ושבועות (Passover and Shavuot), one of the activities at home was looking at photos of long ago summer vacations of Sarah’s family.

בערב ראש השנה (on the eve of Rosh HaShanah), Dina and I perused a wedding album of her parents.

And today during the interim of services, I saw albums of her בת מצוות (bat mitzvah), as well as those of her brothers.

Each of these made me want to see old photos and albums from my own family, especially of my בר מצווה. Mom, if you read this post, you now have a homework assignment and about 75 days to do it!


Countdowns pre-empted for this post.

[Taglit 5-Year Retrospective-part 11 of 11] Shorashim

In the midst of the heat wave, we spent the שבת (Shabbat) on קיבוץ אלמוג (Kibbutz Almog). The day was relaxing, yet it was mentally taxing due to (a) the heat, and the inability to go in the pool, (b) the sadness of leaving shortly after sundown.

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The name of our Birthright trip organizer, שורשים (Shorashim) means “roots” in Hebrew. Therefore, I would like to reflect on that both from the Birthright trip, as well as what is happening right now–there is a link in a way!

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