Conservation of busy-ness / Spring break quick report

It’s sort of strange! Even when I am not busy, I find ways to keep myself busy. That pertains to both this blog and journaling, so I wanted to write a short post on it, which almost seems meta!

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In collecting the final exam scores in my two statistics classes, it leads me into a possible question for a future statistics exam or homework regarding this statistic.

Wow, that’s going to be so meta! Granted, I have used information about other classes in my statistics class earlier in the semester, but every class, every assignment, every grade, is extra data that I can use!

Plus, since it’s anonymized, I don’t run into the danger of FERPA… or so I hope!


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Lincoln: 4 days

Baltimore: 28 days

[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-2] Oh Crud! Two Omitted-Blog-Errors in Row!

Yesterday passed too quickly. Over the weekend, I had a mountain of 86 statistics exams to grade, and it probably took me an aggregate of about 8 hours over 4 sessions to bring the stack to justice.

This grading spilled into yesterday evening, including late into the night. In fact, it wasn’t until after midnight that I took out the scoring.

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