Rise from rubble

“From the ruins we shall rebuild!”

This has happened in my experiences several times to restaurants where I have lived.

Incidently, all of the salient situations that I mention involve fast food restaurants.

And what made me think about it? Samantha Jo and I were at Wendy’s for lunch yesterday, both enjoying their renewed spicy chicken nuggets, and it gave me the idea of this blog post. Thus, a few examples of “tear it down and rebuild it.”

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Thirty-Two for Thirty-Two

In 2015, my age reached 28 years, and on my birthday, I got to play bridge and ride my bike to get there.

The bike ride exceeded 28 miles.

In 2016, my age reached 29 years, and I biked down to Millennium Park to rendezvous with friends from Evanston. The bike ride totaled 29 miles, coincidentally.

Once an occurrence, twice a coincidence. Thus, in 2017 I wanted to bike 30 miles on my birthday.

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Radio station names

When I was driving back to Kenosha from Eau Claire and the Twin Cities after the MAA conference, I was thinking about radio stations as I drove.

Every radio station in the USA has a call signal, which is usually 4 letters and usually starts with a K or a W, depending on the orientation from the Mississippi River. There are exceptions, but most “K” stations are west of the River, and most “W” stations are east of the River.

But… I’d like to talk about the colloquial nicknames of the stations!

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