Forgotten skills

Early last month, one of the bloggers which I read regularly, Sue Vincent, had written a post called “Stick it,” where a story about needing a cane (walking stick) moved to a discussion about map-reading versus using sat-nav (better known as GPS in the States), and the lost art of lower-technology items.

Many times on my blog, I have mentioned my somewhat old-fashioned ideals. Thinking about Sue’s post made me want to consider a few points from her questions. (Better seven weeks later than never!)

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[433/441] Joy and obsession of mundane

When thinking about a blog post for today, I was skimming the Chicago Tribune website, looking for an article about the Big Ten women’s basketball tournament.  Though I did not find much about it (women’s sports don’t get a lot of media coverage), I did find an excellent article, which I would like to summarize and reflect on.  After all, it relates to MY story!  In this post, I both summarize the article which I read, and then reflect on it.

The mundane can be special…