[433/441] Joy and obsession of mundane

When thinking about a blog post for today, I was skimming the Chicago Tribune website, looking for an article about the Big Ten women’s basketball tournament.  Though I did not find much about it (women’s sports don’t get a lot of media coverage), I did find an excellent article, which I would like to summarize and reflect on.  After all, it relates to MY story!  In this post, I both summarize the article which I read, and then reflect on it.

The mundane can be special…


[M.M.X.I.V. 44] Impressive or not?

What is impressive to one person may be completely mundane to another.  Case in point happened today when I got to Tech.

Because the roads were clear enough (it hasn’t snowed in several days in Chicago), I rode my bike to the office today.  Actually, I have only “involuntarily” eschewed riding my bike to the office twice times since the beginning of the year.  The temperature when I left at 08:20 was a “balmy” 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 Celsius for my non-American readers).  Earlier this week, and a few weeks ago, the temperature was single-digits Fahrenheit at 08:30, in the usual sense of 3 to 9 (i.e. -16 to -12 Celsius).

I realize I put too many parentheses in that last paragraph.  So sue me!

Anyway, I got to Tech, and waited for an elevator to go up to the fourth floor.  A faculty member, seeing me with my bike and my cold-weather gear, was colored impressed by me biking in this weather.  Although I tried to downplay it, saying that it has been colder and messier, and also that I live only about 1.2 kilometers from my office, she still said that it was impressive.

It is much like how I think that people running a 5-kilometer run is impressive, despite the fact that when the weather is nice, a 50-kilometer bike ride is pretty easy for me.  Endurance and hardiness is not always a transferable trait, as I have difficulty running a single mile!


Today is the forty-fourth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes six weeks and two days.