Inbound or outbound?

Last week, I had my spring break trip to Nebraska, for the second time in as many years.

Yep, spring break means family or academic excursions for me. No sun, sex, surf, and sloshedness!

I drove from Kenosha to Omaha last Friday for a cousin’s בר מצווה (bar mitzvah) and then went to Lincoln. The drive included 2 gas stops, a pure washroom stop, and a food-and-relief stop.

Yesterday, I drove from Lincoln to Kenosha in “one fell swoop.” That is, the only stops I made were 2 gas stops and 3 stops at the john. (Obviously, I would be wise to avoid drinking tea on my next long drive!)

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Leaving noises

Whenever my family is getting ready to go somewhere out of the house, my Dad uses the expression “leaving noises,” in the sense, “OK, let’s make leaving noises.”

I guess that literal leaving noises would be doors opening and closing, the up-and-down motion of bags, the rolling of wheels, and footsteps making a beeline for the vehicle of choice.

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