Autumnal calm #writephoto

It is late in the autumnal season

Many of the leaves have given their last regards

Soon it will be freezin’

Because Mother Nature doesn’t mess with the cards


There is an odd sense of calm in this glen

Quite unlike the stress in the U

Sunny skies abound for the forest when

Students are stuck with exam review


The leafless trees stand stately

As the cold sun beats down without clouds

It’s too quiet — foreboding eerily

The upcoming ice might make tires screech loud


As the people in the college have hit the wall

Two weeks remain before a respite

Something will have to fall

‘Cause some of us might be getting desperate


With that, there is always a duality

Calm and overwhelmed are peas in a pod

One’s worst is another’s best quality

The yin and the yang are one squad


This quatrain has taken on a stream of consciousness

As do quite a few of my writings on this blog

Thankfully this type of writing isn’t my main business

At the end of the day it’s not a dead horse to flog


The weirdness continues as a free-wheeling clerk

Thus I should probably get ready to go

After all, I should enjoy this evening free of work

And snack on ice cream while watching it snow!


Okay, okay, one more stanza I should produce

Got to give credit where the idea did come

Sue Vincent’s prompt was how this post was induced

But now I sign off before a possible call from the Mum


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Lincoln I: 13 days

Lincoln II: 43-ish days

Baltimore: 69 days


Let light increase

Photo credit: Sue Vincent.


Sun setting.

The day ends.

It has gotten brighter.

As spring approaches, dusk delays.

At some point, eighteen hundred hours.

That appointed hour will become merely dusky.

Throwback horizons choose to insert themselves on here.

Hopefully it does not interfere with Sue’s photo challenge!


Self-credit for photo (and that car did not hit me)

This photo, from precisely two years ago, precariously/safely prepared.

But today, further east than that photo, eighteen hundred brought dusk.

Merely thirteen days remain until eighteen hundred hours are certainly light here.

Granted, fortnight minus one could harbour all complaints about that infernal lost hour!

You probably notice the structure of this post—but short words make staircases preposterous!

Fifteen risers high, advancing time, and awkward sentences built during times of multipurpose transition—GO!


Lincoln: 6 days

פסח: ל”ב יום (Passover: 32 days)

Eau Claire: 39 days

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The marvellous sky shows a storm front yonder!

The first storm has already passed us by.

This tempest left snow and ice, full of wonder.

The water frozen, and the grasses icicles–oh my!


The intrepid traveller Travis, with no fear in his step,

Bounds excitedly through this frozen field

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! The ice shards are in prep

As Travis will not let the unbridled innocence yield


It is the combination of the innocence of the youth

The fragility of the season

The impending storm which might look so uncouth

And hopefully a cracking is not a reason


The albedo of the ice and icicles so magnificent

In cahoots with the brightly coloured skies giving warning

Regardless of whether received or yet to be sent

It shall be a beautiful morning.


Lincoln: 14 days

J-Term: 27 days

Israel: 179 days

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Beacon of the season #writephoto

As a way to get some blogging going, I’ll participate in a #Writephoto again. Writing this on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll wait to post it until Monday, for the benefit of my readers who might not be online on Sundays. Yet, I’m going to have a Sports Twist on it.

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Not what you think #writephoto

A “poem” for a photo prompt, though it may read more like a freeform poem.


You may see me caged up

But this is not how I see myself

Suspended in the air by a

Wonderful protective shroud

Think  of it like an airplane

Stripped down to the frame

I see a sense of adventure

Ready to fly

Even as others see me as trapped

Look at others’ situations

From more than one angle

You may learn something

Talk to the so-called caged

They may be freer than you


Orientation: 3 days.

Day 1: 26 days.

High Holidays: 52 days.

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