[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-5] Old School (10/5/99)

I retained a few of the “Creative Writings” from my sixth and seventh grade years when I dug through old school stuff at home last winter break. As a great coincidence, I found something dated October 5, 1999 (though it was actually written later)! Ergo, here’s a look at my thoughts from nineteen (!!) years ago… with all sentence structure, weird wordings, etc. intact (with a couple of editorial comments).

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Fight! (Part 1 of 3 or 4)

Yesterday, I witnessed sporting events, both live and on TV, of several schools that I have been affiliated with. And with each of these schools, I have taken their fight songs to heart and sang said songs at sporting events, with or without musical accompaniment.

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Weeknight recreation

Ever since I have graduated from high school, I have often found recreational activities to enjoy on weeknights (i.e. school-nights, i.e. Sunday through Thursday nights). After having done one of those recreational activities tonight, I thought about blogging about what I have done in the last 13 years that is unrelated to school or work.

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Mobius Facade #writephoto


Is this the beginning or the ending? I don’t know!

Maybe that facade is actually under construction!

There’s a thick fog that I can see through.

It looks like everything is in black and white.

I know that there is colour, but…

How far have we travelled to get here?

How old is that facade?

The trees make it look like we have uncovered ruins!

Maybe there are treasures behind that facade!

We should take this adventure!

Is this the beginning or the ending? I don’t know!

This was a quick post, but seemed like a fun attempt at a story to read forwards or backwards. Thanks to Sue Vincent, as always, for the photo prompt!


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