Spectacularly aging

On Facebook right now, a popular posting meme going around is “How Hard Has Aging Hit You?”

People post their first profile pictures from Facebook side-by-side with their most recent profile picture.

However, I’d like to expand on that in this post with a few intermediate steps, and there’s a reason why, with a couple of photos below a spoiler space.

I’ll start with the sequence from first profile photo to intermediate photos to most recent, and will then give the spoiler space and a few more photos explaining why I chose the intermediate steps.

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The ramp to nowhere

In many TV shows and video games, paths that appear might lead to nowhere. That’s because in real life, there are often dead ends or locked doors that you are not entitled to enter for whatever reason.

Well, I found a dead end at the hockey game last night in the Hobbs Ice Arena…

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Break down the door!

In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, where many retailers have shopping specials in preparation for the holiday gift rush.

Several retailers also have doorbusters, which are giveaways or specials for only the first n customers.

Prior to this Tuesday, I had never participated in a “wait-in-line-for-a-doorbuster” anywhere other than baseball games.

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Nightfall comes later #writephoto

On Christmas Day, I wrote about time. Specifically, the days of the week and the lack of knowledge of them when on vacation.

This time, I’m talking about the day itself, with a beautiful photo provided by Sue Vincent for the #writephoto prompt.

And unlike previous prompts, this prompt is not poetic nor fictional, but personal reflections.


The sun behind the bare branches of winter trees in a blue sky darkened by clouds.

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