Outlook unknown

This title could go in several different ways, as it is quite telling. For example:

  • What will happen with my job search? I am still on the market, and although I have had some preliminary interviews that I think went well, I now have to play the waiting game and see if any of these prelim interviews turn into campus interviews.
  • What will happen with the state of the nation? We are almost one year into the Trump administration, and things seem to get weirder by the day.
  • What will the weather be like in a week in Wisconsin? It has been cold and then relatively warm, on and off again.

Well, as usual in some of my posts, I’m building up to have to take a fourth option. The fourth option: “WHO ARE THESE INDIVIDUALS?”

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[Old School 1] September 23, 1998

During this winter break, a bunch of old materials from school appeared in my room… relics that my parents kept from my preschool, primary, and secondary school years. A significant project that I had was to review these materials and clear out what I wanted (to make it easier to move when I eventually get a house).

In doing this excavation, I found various writing prompts and pieces of “artwork” (notice the scare quotes!) from my yesteryears.

Thus, because I think it will be interesting, some of my Thursday and Friday posts (for #TBT and #FBF) will be “Old School” sequence posts, where I share artwork and/or writing samples from my younger years. It’s fun to use the blog as a time capsule!

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