Let it burn

Yesterday, many Jewish congregations read from Parashat Pinchas (Numbers 25-29). These five chapters of scripture have a lot going on in them, and it is significant to me because it was the parashah that was read during my bar mitzvah, 20 years ago!

Thirteen years ago, I read the readings that I had done during my bar mitzvah, and wrote a new drashah (sermon). This year, I read the same Hebrew readings, and also wish to publish my thoughts: a modification of what I wrote thirteen years ago.

Here goes!

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ICYMI: Limbo Over!

Ever since M.A.P.L.E., some of you may have noticed my count-ups in the back matter of my posts. These included “Consider Other Viewpoints In Dissemination,” the Omer, and “Frozen Limbo.”

However, in the post from Wednesday, I no longer had it. Thus, the Limbo had ended, and the “Lincoln II” was a clue.

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One buwwet weft!

In one of several “Rabbit Season/Duck Season” Looney Tunes shorts, Elmer is chasing Bugs and Daffy, and tries to fire his gun. Clicking the trigger several times, nothing happens.

Elmer: “Well, what do you know. No buwwets weft.”

Bugs: “Did you hear that, laughing boy? No bullets left.”

Daffy: “No bullets? Here, let me see that.”

(Daffy points the gun at self, jiggles it, and the gun fires.)

Elmer: “Well what do you know. One buwwet weft.”

Bugs: “Did you hear that, laughing boy? …”

Daffy (interrupting) “I know, I KNOW!”

But, as you might expect, this post is NOT about guns or Looney Tunes, but the line works to lead into my post.

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