Wood Anniversary

It’s that time again! Right after I got back from Birthright in 2011, I signed up for a blog on WordPress, with the goal of sharing my journals, not only from the trip, but also other thoughts. Today is the “Wood Anniversary” (i.e., fifth anniversary) of the blog! (Hooray!)

Thus, just as I reflected on my Israel trip during the last 10 days, I might as well reflect on my blogging journey through the last 5 years.

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[Taglit 5-Year Retrospective-part 11 of 11] Shorashim

In the midst of the heat wave, we spent the שבת (Shabbat) on קיבוץ אלמוג (Kibbutz Almog). The day was relaxing, yet it was mentally taxing due to (a) the heat, and the inability to go in the pool, (b) the sadness of leaving shortly after sundown.

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The name of our Birthright trip organizer, שורשים (Shorashim) means “roots” in Hebrew. Therefore, I would like to reflect on that both from the Birthright trip, as well as what is happening right now–there is a link in a way!

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[Taglit 5-Year Retrospective-part 10 of 11] Union

29 July 2011 was the last day of travelling on our trip (excluding the final airport ride).  Looking back on what we did five years later, I’d like to reflect on the theme of UNION.

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This day of the trip involved us going to הר הרזל (Mount Herzl), as well as Ben Yehuda Street. The beginning of the day was very somber, at the military cemetery which also included the graves of major names in Israeli history (Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Theodor Herzl, etc.)

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