Notice the spelling of the word. I am not talking about the popular video game which I have never played nor have any desire to.

A fortnight is fo[u]rt[een] nights. At the end of the post, you see that the fortnight corresponds to the number of days remaining in my summer break.

However, it’s not really that much time for me. My contract begins on Monday, and this includes departmental retreats, professional development, and syllabus development.

The good news: since the courses I am teaching this semester are the same as last year, my syllabus development shouldn’t take too much time, though I have some ideas for improvement based on Equity-Diversity-Inclusion discussions that I have read on Twitter.

Moreover, it will be a lot easier to prep each class, since I have a baseline of two semesters of work. However, this semester I am going to take more useful reflections of each class after the session is over. Reflective practice improves my teaching, after all!

I want to be able to focus more energy on professional development (i.e. job searching, scholarly activity) this semester if possible. This is the year that I will land a permanent position successfully!


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UWEC Sophomore Campaign: 14 days

NU/NU: 45 days

Florida: 132 days

Full circle

Today was a day of full-circle turning in the evening. It had me returning to something that I never would have thought about returning. But, the mind of a 13-to-15-year-old is completely different than the mind of a 30-year-old. (Hmm… one of the few times that I directly cite my current age!)

What was I doing?

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Before You Were Born

Ten years ago, my family took a vacation in Boston. One of the restaurants that we visited was Durgin-Park, and their tagline says “Established Before You Were Born.” It must have been established prior to 1900, in that case.

Well, both yesterday and today, “before you were born” might apply to my personal situations… on either end of the spectrum.

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