Water basketball (Part I of III)

Swimming in the pool is a common summer experience. When I was younger, I enjoyed playing with pool noodles, making mischief with water guns, and just splashing around, sometimes “aimlessly” wandering the shallow end. Oh, and making big splashes on the diving board!

After I graduated from high school in 2005, I decided that I had so much fun going to basketball games at Southeast that I wanted to play basketball in the pool since the Hillcrest pool had a basketball hoop. And I devised rules for a solo game!

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[M.M.X.I.V. 245] No happy medium

A song that ShireiNU covered has occasionally gotten stuck in my head, and it is given below.  The idea “no happy ending” I decided to modify to this post into “no happy medium” after today.  But, there is nothing unhappy about the post whatsoever!  Here is the song, and once again, I have never heard it in its actual form, only the ShireiNU cover.

A better sub-title of the post might be: “Hot and Cold; Young and Old.”  This post is a couple of ideas smashed together–let’s see how it goes!

Nice rhyme. Take your time!