[438/441] TBT: February 4, 2006

Based off my recent bus trip to Hoffman Estates, I figured that it would be fun to recall my first bus trip for a women’s basketball game… during my freshman year at UNL.  The details are not nearly as detailed as some of the other Full Journals that I have done.  This is the original journal, although I have made a few of the words links corresponding to previous posts, and also use [brackets] for a few clarifications.

Off to the Little Apple…


[M.M.X.I.V. 90] The Girls of Spring

What am I talking about?  Well, I took the title off of the name “Boys of Summer” referring (hopefully) to baseball.  So, therefore, this is a post about softball… and weather!

Granted, where I have lived, there seems to be no spring–it seems to jump directly from winter to summer.  At least that’s what might happen this year. :p

Because of NCAA softball season starting in February, northern teams often play in weekend-long tournaments in places like Florida, Texas, and California during the first several weeks of the season.  For example, this year, it wasn’t until the 26th game of the schedule that Northwestern had a home game.

And that wasn’t even at the home field!  As I described two days ago, Northwestern’s next five “home games” were at Rosemont, as well as a “road game” at Rosemont, and a road game from South Bend that was postponed… of course due to weather!

On Saturday, I watched the game in Rosemont: game two of the Northwestern/Nebraska series.  The Huskers got a lot of offense going, and cruised to a 13-3 win over Northwestern.  In the stands, I was suffering, and not just on my double loyalty.  The wind was strong and inbound from outfield.  The temperature was near freezing, and even the sunlight didn’t stave off the cold.  This was despite being clad in Under Armour!  After 150 minutes of watching ball, the game was over and I quickly left.  Thank goodness I was in a carpool this time–cold feet and 15 miles of biking did NOT sound like fun!

But, I guess being a baseball/softball fan in the North means that I have to suffer in some games.  Take March 31, 2008 for instance.  I had just gotten out of my tough Math 825 class, and went to Bowlin Stadium for a doubleheader against Northern Iowa (UNI).  The game started at 15:00, and it was cloudy and cool.  Two games took about four hours, and somehow I managed to get through it.

Even more impressively, a few of the UNL parents got through the game–being from California!  Perhaps one thing keeping me warm at the game was not only the excitement of the game, but the people around me.  One of those was Morgan, on the UNI team, as a friend from my elementary school when I used to live in Fort Dodge!   Therefore, during my career at UNL, the UNI game(s) was/were circled in red on my calendar!  As I have alluded to many times before on this blog, seeing someone in person is much preferable to on the Internet!

And as the UNL school song says, “We’ll all stick together in all kinds of weather.”  And up north, there are plenty of poor types of softball weather, but as a superfan, I don’t let those dissuade me (other than lightning)!


Today is the ninetieth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes twelve weeks and six days.