[425/441] Exposure

Yesterday, when I was listening to the radio, I heard B107.3’s Four and No More. In this game, two contestants have to guess a person, place, or thing with no more than four clues.

It is their current game show at 07:40 each weekday morning.  After “Battle of the Sexes” ended last March, there was a week where there was no game show, but rather a preview of a new game, which turned out to be “Who’s Singing In The Shower.”  It was a big flop, and was discarded after a few months, replaced with “Four and No More.”

What does this have to do with exposure…? Read on!


[M.M.X.I.V. 128 / M.A.P.L.E. III-8] Afterglow

Prior to the time when this song was salient with relation to this post, I had never heard the song before other than on Pandora, on my station that was started off the tag of The Weather Channel’s Smooth Jazz collection CD.  However, I heard the song “Afterglow” for the first time outside of Pandora on August 12, 2008.  How fitting that I can turn this into a Throwback Thursday post!

Unfortunately, there is no YouTube link available for this song, but it’s the smooth jazz song “Afterglow” composed by Pamela Williams.

The journal follows!