[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-15] Early or late snow

Although snow can happen at any time in the year, it seems that it usually only happens from late November to late February, at least in the Midwest. However, I have several stories of times where there was “early” or “late” snow, especially in October, March, or April, in places that I have lived.

Because I don’t want to spend too long on this post, this is just essentially a list rather than a sectioned article.

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It has been snowy, snowy, and … snowy in Kenosha this week. It’s one of the snowiest winters (or at least most-frequent snow events) that I can remember in recent memory.

You might be wondering: what does that have to do with Oh-Fer? Well, I’ll say that Oh-Fer is often described in sports when an individual has 0/n on a certain stat (such as failure to complete a pass, failure to make a shot in basketball, etc.)

I had an oh-fer this week, specifically an oh-fer-five.

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Bonkers is what the weather has been in my area lately. Consider the following:

  • The weekend before last weekend, Dina and I were essentially walking around Kenosha in shorts and T-shirts, as the high exceeded 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In. February.
  • The weather cooled off a bit last week, but remained unseasonably warm here. It stayed dry.
  • Last weekend, “cold” weather hit with temperatures that failed to exceed freezing. Nevertheless, it seemed to be an outlier at this point!
  • Tuesday, a severe thunderstorm struck Kenosha around 17:30, followed by a dense pea soup that I had to navigate through after the storm was done.
  • And finally yesterday, snow fell! It was only a dusting but still…

I guess that means March is coming in like a lion.

Or it means:

Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk!

Of course, I’m also afraid about the implications of it coming from climate change…


Nebraska Road Trip: 15 days

פסח: ל”ח ימים (Passover: 38 days)

ארץ ישראל: צ”ב ימים (Israel: 92 days)

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Fishtails galore!

Nope, I haven’t been on the lake for sport in forever. Last time I used a rod was back in the summer after my sixth grade year.

Instead, fishtails refer to the action of skidding. And I had plenty of those yesterday!

Yes, perhaps Noah is going crazy, as seen in the following video…

The weird thing: despite the fact that the temperature was a manageable sixteen degrees Fahrenheit outside, the time in the arena combined with the bike ride home made my hands numb with cold during the (relatively) short bike ride. The fish-tailing and uncomfortable riding didn’t go hand-in-hand.

I suppose that bike-riding really DOES create that much extra draft and vulnerability, even on unexposed hands! ‘Scuse my (insert language here that won’t offend the reader), but DAMN THE EXTREMITIES!


“Engage!”: Next right!

LVC: 5 days.

NU at Madison: 15 days.

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