[M.A.P.L.E. VI-29] Quadruple Bogey

The good news: this is not a post about bad golfers like myself who routinely score quadruple bogeys on any particular hole (i.e. take 4 more strokes than par).

However, it sort of is, as three of the “Bogeys” are related to golf. Let me explain: five pictures will be worth a total of the order of a thousand words.

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[M.M.X.I.V. 54] Something’s not right here!

FALCO: “Who took this base out?”

(Just had to throw that hook in for people who may have played Star Fox 64.)

Sometimes, I tend to get obsessed with signage, especially if there is something “weird” about the sign.  This has popped up on “No parking” signs, “No smoking” signs, and even some other things.

Normally, when you see “No parking” signs, you see the red-circle and a backslash ().  However, I’ve seen a few times when there are red-circle-forward slash (/), and one of them is steps from my apartment.  (The “no parking” one that was first salient to me was at Eppley Airfield.)

No parkingNo smoking

Another “not right” sign that always bothered me is as follows:

Inverted old VISA

This is the old VISA logo, but the blue and gold stripes are reversed!  When I used to live in Lincoln, the gas station on 27/South which used to be a Phillips 66 (and is now Shell/Roc’s Stop and Shop), and the major credit cards that it accepted were printed on the awning on the station house.  HOWEVER, the blue and gold were reversed, and I noticed it each time.  I wish I had a picture of the actual awning, to appease those “Pics or it didn’t happen” people…

To continue the upside-down theme, upside down road signs are always a hoot.  I’ve got two of them, and interestingly, they share another theme.

Inverted stoplight 1Inverted stoplight 2

The first of these two is approaching Archer & Central in Chicago from the west, and Central Avenue has coordinates 5600 west.  The second is on the MoPac trail in Lincoln, and approaching 56th Street (at X Street) from the east, which is 5600 east.  It’s pure coincidence, and no, I did NOT hack the signs!

Speaking of, I have plenty of other “fail” pictures to consider later.  But, because I shouldn’t spend too much time on any one post, I will leave a cliffhanger 😀


Today is the fifty-fourth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes seven weeks and five days.