Mirror #writephoto

It has been a while since I have participated in a #writephoto challenge, but the photo that is given for this week’s challenge is multiply reminiscent for me. Thus, I offer some poetry, in the style of the Pina Colada writer. I’m nobody’s poet, but I hope that THIS post isn’t half-bad… I want to throw it back to some of my old posts with quatrain-style.

Photo courtesy: Sue Vincent

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[M.A.P.L.E. VIII-14] Clarity please!

Oftentimes, you will see unclear directions, and have the danger of missing something important. This can happen in e-mails, particularly if the e-mail is quite long.

This nearly posed an annoying problem regarding the upcoming summer research experience that I will be leading. Let me explain the story, and hope that there is not an issue here with revealing a story.

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Water basketball: Part III of III

Let me finish the series on water basketball. In the previous two posts, I talked about the first three seasons of the game, with slight rules changes each year.

In the first year, I lost in the championship game. In the second year, I had a blowout win in the final, and in the third year, I didn’t even make the playoffs!

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