[386/441] Low Tech Part II

We live in a very modern world. I remember when I was in school, and learnt how to write in cursive, as the teachers set in me the expectation that I would only be writing in cursive from there on out.  As it turns out, I almost never wrote in cursive following sixth grade… and papers that I had to “write” for school ended up getting typed instead.

Indeed, we are in a culture where people do very little writing by hand, in favor of using the keyboard or the virtual keyboard.  (I am not a fan of the latter, as it is hard to use and the “fat finger syndrome” more easily kicks in.)  As I have mentioned many times before on my blog, there are many times where I prefer to be old-fashioned.  Let me give a few examples.


As is well-known on this blog, I keep a journal daily (although I don’t always write physically in it each day, I write something with regards to each day).  Take a look at the header image of the blog–it is an example of my hand-writing in a journal!  I also later transcribe the journals to my computer through word-processing (or text-files, to be compiled into a PDF via the LaTeX language).  Now, there were a few examples of times where I had my journal entries ONLY on the computer, but these were few and far between:

Most of my correspondence is done by e-mail or electronic means.  But, when I write thank-you notes, I insist on writing them by hand and potentially delivering them in person.  This is somewhat based off my code of personalization, which I beat around the bush with in a previous post.

Writing hand-written letters is something that I rarely do, but I think it is the ultimate method of personalized communication.  Although I love chatting with people face-to-face, a person’s writing often resembles their speaking.  In that sense, reading a hand-written letter from someone can be the equivalent of listening to their voice, even if they are far away.

After having been moved so frequently by Sunny-Side Up With Kristin and Lindsay, a few weeks after the show had ended, I felt moved to write a personalized letter to both of them.  They were completely surprised and delighted by this.  A person’s hand-writing (whether in cursive or block letters!) is also an extension of their personality, and so having a sample of the person’s writing is almost as if they were there with you wherever the writing is!

I should really consider writing hand-written letters to others in a personal sense more frequently, as it really felt good to do it as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Although I do rely on the keyboard for a lot of purposes, and could not see society returning to a pre-keyboard era, there IS a lot of merit in writing by hand.


Today is the three-hundred and eighty-sixth day of Mission 441.  Fifty-five days remain.

(The Daily Prompt that inspired this post, even though it was from two days ago: “When was the last time you wrote something substantive — a letter, a story, a journal entry, etc. — by hand? Could you ever imagine returning to a pre-keyboard era?”)

How interesting that my Low Tech Part I post was also from a Daily Prompt.


[M.M.X.I.V. 355] Musical Memories Shuffle XVIII

Today’s Musical Memories post will be a little different.  In the previous 17 installments, I have used my personal collection of songs from my MP3 player.  I also collect songs on Spotify, which does NOT run my personal collection.  Therefore, I wanted to do the shuffle on my Spotify list this time.  Here goes, with YouTube links on the names of the songs if possible.  All will open in a new window!

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[M.M.X.I.V. 272] Superfan Part III

I have already published two sports-based posts regarding my status as a Superfan.  The first looked at my Superfan experiences from high school.  The second post continued the story into my undergraduate and graduate careers, with a focus still on sports.

I have found, particularly in the last few years, that I have shown fierce loyalty to various other pursuits that involve music, even though I am not a musician by trade.  This started in high school, and furthermore justifies a few of the other posts that I have written in the past year (and other times too).

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[M.M.X.I.V. 246] Musical Memories Shuffle XVII

This post used to be a regular part of my blogging, but it has become fewer and farther between.  But, I figured that today was a good choice for it, partially because I was somewhat stuck for a choice, and partially because music is fun!  So, I now hit the shuffle button, and we’re off!

What will the 15 MP3 entries be?

[M.M.X.I.V. 166] Short, Sweet Summer

As you know, I read the Chicago Tribune on a regular basis, and the feature columns and editorials often hold more interest to me than the news.  This is because I can get my national and world news from many other sources, so it is the local news and the creative pieces which really attract my attention.  For example, in Lincoln, my favorite newspaper columns were from Cindy Lange-Kubick (and not just because she wrote features about me on two separate occasions).

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