[M.A.P.L.E. VI-31] Riding into the sunset

At the end of some shows, character(s) advect (move) toward a sunset as the scene fades out or irises to the credits. It’s a common idea, and often signifies the end or predicts a new beginning.

Last year, the T-shirts for the Midwest Regional Pokemon tournament showed Eevee and its Evolutions walking off into the sunset, for what was ostensibly the final Midwest Regional tournament.  However, it returned this year, but unfortunately I can’t go to it since it’s this coming weekend, and I’m going to Israel!

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Lighter later

These pictures were taken at 17:01, 17:02, and 18:04, respectively, on February 26 in west-central Wisconsin.


The common thread in all of them: IT’S NOT NIGHT-BLACK OUTSIDE YET! This is always the exciting thing each year as daylight-saving time approaches. Those first few days when you leave work and still see daylight. It’s been a long winter with not seeing daylight as I leave the office.

But, hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy some spring evenings in a few weeks–maybe go on some short bike adventures around Menomonie!


Lincoln: 16 days (plus or minus a few).

פסח: נ”ז ימים (Passover: 54 days).

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(OCTOBER XXIX) Sunrise, sunset

This is not a song, I do not own a fiddle, and I am not on a roof.
HOWEVER! I am on the ninth floor, which is occasionally a good vantage point to see the sun rise from my place in Engelhart.

Sunrises and sunsets.  They can be quite colorful, majestic, magical, romantic, or even sometimes scary.  Whatever the emotion is, I think that everyone has a feeling about sunrises and sunsets.  This will be a little bit of a photo-essay, as I think this is one case where words alone don’t do a sunrise or sunset justice.

It was something that I never really put much stock in when I was in high school and younger, as it was just a part of the day.  On the eve of the Hallam tornado, however, the sunset was very colorful, as well as quite foreboding with the threatening clouds.  This was before I did much chronicling of my life explicitly, so therefore I have no pictures.

Once, when we were going to the Cedar Point Biological Station, the skies looked very similar, and the layers of clouds on the horizon with the sunset created a wonderful blue-and-orange gradient across the entire horizon.  It was bright but had an ominous look to it.  Indeed, it started storming as we approached Ogallala!

Fast forward to Birthright, where I actually started adding photos to my chronicles.  On the day that we were at קיבוץ גבולות, a majestic sunset on the west awaited us, and I asked Aaron to take a picture with me marveling at the sunset.  In the picture, you can see that I am barely visible.  I like the implication of this, though.  In the grand scheme of things, we are all very small, yet we are still a part of the beauty of nature!

The pink and orange gradient was amazing.

Sunset at Kibbutz G’vulot. The pink and orange gradient was amazing.

 The day after the day after this, it was the מצדה morning.  Wow, it seems I keep coming back to this in my blog posts, in one way or another!  I wish I would have known how to better use my camera for scenes involving sunrises and sunsets, because the colors in the pictures that I took were quite distorted from the actual colors that I saw.  Still, that makes it interesting to see the photo that is not exactly a perfect record of what you see.  This is shown below.

Sunrise on Masada

It’s right at sunrise, even though it might not look like it! This is the magic (tragic?) of cameras that are not on optimal settings.

Of course, after Birthright, I became more aware of the sunrises and sunsets that I might be able to chronicle using my camera, and so for the rest of this blog post, I just want to show a few of my favorite pictures of sunrises and/or sunsets that I have captured on phone and/or camera, with short captions about them.

Sunset at the L station

A sunset view from the Fullerton station in August of 2011. It had a resemblance to the kibbutz sunset from earlier in the post.

Sunset at the L station
Oops, the captions vanished.  These are from August and October 2011, as sunsets and sunrises, respectively.  The former is at the Fullerton L, and the latter is from my apartment window.

From Lincoln on November 4, 2011.

The sunrise on a March day in 2012, when the weather was a little forbidding.

Although the sunset is not visible, the effect of the lights at Ryan Field plus the clouds made a pretty interesting visual effect. (This was at the Vanderbilt game this year, and indeed it rained once the fourth quarter started!)

Today is the twenty-ninth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.  That makes four weeks and one day.