The Noah Chateau tour

Just as when I moved to Kenosha, I posted a video that toured my new apartment.

Therefore, here’s a video of my new place, in its unpacked (mostly) form. (I still will want to decorate later, but…)

Yes, it’s a pretty short post and is unlike my writing style to have just a photo or video, but it’s always nice to switch it up from time to time.


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Bridge Regional: 13 days

UWEC Begins: 27 days

NU/NU: 66 days


Lodges, Buses, and Talkeetna (Alaska: Part X)

Monday, July 9, 2018

I woke up easily at 07:15 without provocation. Levi wanted to sleep in a little more (this was possible since we didn’t have an activity (i.e. bus ride) until 09:45. I did my usual “early-riser” routine with hotels and lodging: becoming a journalist in the hallway. As strangers passed by, I wished them good morning, and also managed to get a good amount of journaling done (about a whole day’s worth of paragraphs). One of the groups I greeted were Casey, Molly, Brent, and Brandon, who had indeed gone on an early morning expedition!

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KETCH us If you KAN (Alaska: Part III)

Monday, July 2

Because of an early excursion, we got up at 05:00. I will omit the details of pre-breakfast. In fact, breakfast was just food from the International Cafe (in the Piazza): croissant and water—no time for a sit-down or buffet breakfast. Casey, Molly, Brent, Brandon, and Levi were all waiting, and after a while, we got the clearance to get off the ship. Mom and Dad had joined us in the meantime too. The queue for the gangway snaked around the Bernini Dining Room, and the gangway was on the Gala (4) Deck.

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[Tour of Israel: Day 0] All The Airports!

PRELUDE: I left Chicago for Rome on an Alitalia flight on Sunday at about 16:00, Central time. The journal picks up from when I woke up after an extended nap on the flight toward Rome.

Monday, June 5, 2017 (יום שני. 11 סיון)

I didn’t sleep well on the Italy-bound plane. The neck pillow that Dina gave to me wasn’t particularly comfy. Nevertheless, I still managed to sleep about 4 hours. The watch read that 6+ hours had elapsed when I got up to use the lavatory, and I fell asleep yesterday after 2 hours had elapsed (i.e. right after midnight Italy time). My Algerian seatmate also went to the lavatory after me, and I could see morning light from the window.

Nevertheless, I managed to sleep for another hour, and after I got up, I got a pastry with chocolate and black tea and orange juice. We were less than 800 kilometers from Rome at that point, but it got a little bit turbulent. We chatted about the land forms and measurement systems. Skipping past more details, the plane landed after 8 hours and 42 minutes in flight.

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That’s a new one.

To start things off, I am NOT trying to find a clever way to get around the censors. I’m still content with my 90% Baker House purity score. The letter “k” is NOT to be replaced with “x.”

For my readers who followed Nebraska basketball, you might think, “Has he fused with #1?” Nope, I am neither fused, nor in a Celebrity-Style Relationship, with Sek Henry.

Instead, it’s a video post. As I think I mentioned in my last posts from the Five-Year Anniversary sequence, I moved to Kenosha.

Well, “Noahsek” is an anagram of “Kenosha.” Suggested to me by my brother Levi, and I am grateful to bestow that nickname upon my apartment.

Unlike when I gave a few photos of the Anemone, this time I’d like to show Noahsek in video format! Enjoy the grand (?) tour.


Orientation: 11 days.

Day 1: 34 days.

High Holidays: 60 days.

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