Misadventure from Tuesday

On Wednesday, I had my job interview with UW-Parkside. But it was quite a misadventure to get there on Tuesday.

In some sense, the misadventure from Tuesday paralleled my “Worst Day in Undergraduate Years” with a few of the following parallels:

  • Backtracking
  • Lost item(s)
  • Flying “solo”
  • Transportation problems

So, here is my story. The present tense, when used, refers to my thoughts at the time.

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[375/441] TBT: July 5, 2001

On Tuesday, I had mentioned that the Southwest flight attendants included the “no-complaining” in the safety talk.  I always enjoy when they jazz it up, since it is quite dry otherwise.  The idea of “no complaining,” in some sense, makes this perfect for a Throwback Thursday post.  And it’s not talking about Wordworks from AP Lit-Comp!

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(OCTOBER XV) Travel days

I am writing this post via mobile phone while awaiting boarding to return to Chicago from Omaha. Thus I want it to be shorter than a standard post I make.

It seems that travel days and productivity do not go together. If flying out in the morning, it can be difficult to get the moxie to go into work when you return, even if a short flight. Midday flights make for little opportunity for work on either side, and if working before a night flight, your mind may wander at work.

I was lucky today in that I had (have?) a night flight (more evening… scheduled for 18:45) which upped my chance of getting work done. Indeed, I managed to finish the grading that I needed to do during the vacation, but got no research done. That is my mission for this week, should I choose to accept it!

Thankfully, since there is no time change, a good rest tonight will leave me ready to go tomorrow. When I returned from Israel, I needed an extra day off, despite returning to Chicago in the morning that day. If your internal and external clocks are out of sync, problems are likely.

Today is the fifteenth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. That makes two weeks and one day.