[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VIII-28] For what? No, for whom!

Several years ago, I wrote about “whom you are with” as I was reflecting on some weekends of loneliness in Menomonie. Evidently I’m also going to post something about May 1, 2011… maybe I’ll do that tomorrow!

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

But what about today?

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It works out!

The last 30-ish hours have been interesting in terms of my schedule and changes therein.

The original plans included the following:

  1. Friday after Zumba: finish up grading and catch the 18:02 bus to downtown
  2. Leading services at the synagogue starting at 18:30, followed by dinner
  3. Saturday: Going to UWEC to volunteer for Math Meet from 09:00-14:00
  4. Clean up my apartment while waiting for familial visitors afterward
  5. Have dinner with Mom, Dad, Levi, and Sasha somewhere in Eau Claire
  6. Drive to the Twin Cities to stay overnight with the familial units
  7. Sunday: ???

What actually happened? Read on…

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Inbound or outbound?

Last week, I had my spring break trip to Nebraska, for the second time in as many years.

Yep, spring break means family or academic excursions for me. No sun, sex, surf, and sloshedness!

I drove from Kenosha to Omaha last Friday for a cousin’s בר מצווה (bar mitzvah) and then went to Lincoln. The drive included 2 gas stops, a pure washroom stop, and a food-and-relief stop.

Yesterday, I drove from Lincoln to Kenosha in “one fell swoop.” That is, the only stops I made were 2 gas stops and 3 stops at the john. (Obviously, I would be wise to avoid drinking tea on my next long drive!)

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The name of this sounds like a typo, but I actually saw this word once before on a marquee. In downtown Lincoln in the spring of 2005, there was an independent outdoors outfitter named OuTek, and their marquee I saw every day when driving toward a parking garage to go to my morning classes at UNL.

The marquee one time said,

“Hiking, Camping, Backpackpacking Gear Here!”

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