[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VI-10] Music Is Moving #tunesday

I guess that I get to continue with the Hebrew theme that I included yesterday.

The nice thing about the prompt today is that there are several ways that I could interpret the name of the song.

The song that I heard, “Music Is Moving,” is a high-powered remix by Cortana, but the prompt will be moving in another direction.

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[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VI-3] Where Do You Go #tunesday

When searching for an idea for a blog post today, I stumbled across the idea of letting music guide my search, since I often inspire my posts from song names or ideas.

I’m probably not the first one to come up with this hashtag, but I present my #Tunesday post idea which I will do each Tuesday during this round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.

The only rule: the title of the post must be the title of the eighth song that I hear in a certain context. That context may be a single radio station, a Pandora station or shuffle, a personal-MP3 shuffle, or a Spotify shuffle.

The random number generator landed on “Where Do You Go.”


Image credit: iconsphere via Noun Project.

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