Comma Chameleon

I’ve shown something like this before on my blog, but because I think it’s funny (and because it’s salient to something which happened today at work), I just have to revive the image:

comma chameleon

Credit to Bobbi Jo Woods.

Well, as it turns out, the post might be about Comma Karma.

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Express? YEAH RIGHT!

You are choosing between self-checkout and full-service checkout at the grocery store.

All full service lines are taken, so you think “I don’t have that many items, so I’ll do self checkout.”

Things slow down to a crawl.

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[406/441] Teacher’s pet (Part I: Formation)

This is a week after the Daily Post prompted this, but I figure that it is better late than never.  Talking about how I was / still am a “Teacher’s Pet” is part of my personality, such that this post is essentially timeless.

However, because I have several different stories, I figure that this might be best as a multi-part sequence (or, you could call it a series if you so choose.)

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