[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VI-8] Nary a cloud #writephoto

Looking at the “Glade” prompt, I decided to talk about today, as well as a cloudless day from 2001. Today’s activity wasn’t really through any Glades, but the 2001 story will be… although even that isn’t probably glades. Take it for what it’s worth…

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[Tour of Israel Part 5] A Relaxing Shabbat

Saturday, June 10 / יום שבת. 16 סיון

I arose at 07:30. Re-donning last night’s clothes, I went down for breakfast, in the manner of taking the שבת elevator (which has the buttons disabled and stops at every floor, moving relatively slowly). Breakfast was basically identical to what I had on previous days, but there was obviously no omelet/pancake station available. All of the shul-goers got up and met us, in anticipation for leaving.

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[M.A.P.L.E. VI-7] Limonana

Every time that I have gone to the Israel Solidarity Day, I have had a great time with the concerts and other festivities, like the Jamman Drum Circle and the leader who blows a shofar to make an acoustic masterpiece in combination with the drums.

Though it was a bit chilly, there was nary a cloud in the sky, and I had a great time walking with my friend Sarah on her birthday and also randomly encountering five other familiar faces.  Continue reading

Singin’ on the ice

Today’s post will be a sequence of quatrains that involves ice and stranded (and will hopefully flow into a coherent story). A few songs will be injected in at the same time.

Here is a video of me orally interpreting the post. Follow along if you’d like!

A long day at work had ended a little dreary

As I had decided to alter the Session I material

Swapping out Fair Division for Graph Theory

And the clouds outside were not ethereal

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