[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-7] Vanishing point #writephoto

When I used to post every day

Way back in two thousand fourteen

I often had a pocketed way

To ensure that my ideas were seen


That idea was a structure of quatrain

Easy to make poetic and need not flow

Uses up a little less space in my brain

And also won’t make my time run below

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Mobius Facade #writephoto


Is this the beginning or the ending? I don’t know!

Maybe that facade is actually under construction!

There’s a thick fog that I can see through.

It looks like everything is in black and white.

I know that there is colour, but…

How far have we travelled to get here?

How old is that facade?

The trees make it look like we have uncovered ruins!

Maybe there are treasures behind that facade!

We should take this adventure!

Is this the beginning or the ending? I don’t know!

This was a quick post, but seemed like a fun attempt at a story to read forwards or backwards. Thanks to Sue Vincent, as always, for the photo prompt!


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Evanston: 30 days

Lincoln: 69 days

Baltimore: 125 days

Thirty Percent Club (Alaska: Part VIII) #writephoto

Saturday, July 7

I woke up at 05:50, and after dressing, went with Levi to the service desk to inquire about my stateroom bill. Because I linked a credit card with the account, I need no further action on the ship. We then went to the Horizon Court one last time. I ate a croissant to start, and drank some orange juice. But, I interrupted my meal at 06:15.

Bina was in the International Cafe, and I met her there to hug her “see-you-later.” The rest of her crew had left at different times. I want to keep in touch as friends! Returning to the Court, I got an omelette and a chocolate croissant, as well as a banana. We all finished by 07:00, and headed down to the Explorer’s Lounge for our “Brown 2” debarkation group.

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[M.A.P.L.E. VII-5] The stairs of mystery #writephoto


This crossroads that the Knight watches over.

One side of the spiral leads down into the mystery of darkness.

One side of the spiral leads up into the mystery of light.

It reminds me of the Knight guarding the window at the end of the Prasch corridor at Lincoln Southeast High School, ensuring that people see the light, but cannot directly walk into it.

But is it necessarily true that light is good and darkness is bad?

I don’t think so.

Though I have almost always gone down the path of light, some darkness has come into my path at times.

All of us face darkness at every step. Life has no certainty.

I descended down the stairs of darkness in 2009, uprooting from Lincoln to start grad school at Northwestern. This path led to the light, in many ways, that I might not have found had I not gone there. Additionally, it proved that I have the capability of successfully uprooting and finding light at some point.

Perhaps on the downward spiral, the window shades are just drawn.

Or, perhaps on the upward spiral, the outer light is really artificial.

Choosing light all the time is a greedy algorithm.

Sometimes, thou must descendeth to the darkness in order to find true light… as the immediate ascension by light might lead to inkier darkness not much longer thereafter…

Props to Sue Vincent for this thought-provoking picture!


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Today is the fifth day of the seventh round of M.A.P.L.E.

היום חמישה ושלושים יום– שהם חמישה שבועות לעומר

Madison: 27 days

Alaska: 56 days

Eau Claire: 88 days