[M.A.P.L.E. IX-25] Painted memory #writephoto

The image that Sue Vincent provided for this week’s prompt is rather salient to me, as it quite well reminds me of an adventure that I had three years and 364 days ago! (Yep, though I could blog about it exactly four years later by posting this one day later, I want to ensure that it is submitted by Sue’s deadline.)

This is also in my sequence of “Reconstructed Journal,” as the journal of the original day is in bullet points. Here we go!

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[M.A.P.L.E. IX-14] Circles in the middle of nowhere #writephoto

The prompt’s title was “Dance,” although this is an interesting title given that nobody’s dancing here. Sue, I’ll find a way to incorporate that word!

After being in the maze of corn for so long, Roswell and Wanda finally saw an opening.

But it wasn’t just a maize maze that they were in: from above their superiors could see a distinct pattern. But, there was a dark area from where their superiors could see.

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A sliver of light #writephoto

These are dark times, just like Sue Vincent’s photo suggests. But, a glimmer of light is evident, and there is always something better ahead.

Darkness is all around. Whether it be COVID-19 fears, my uncertainty in the job situation, or my recovery from the unspecified upper respiratory crap which was not The Virus. I continue to suffer from an occasional cough and a raspy voice as a lingering effect of whatever I dealt with earlier. (I just hope that the fact that I mention COVID-19 in this post doesn’t automatically make it political, because there will be no political views here.)

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