Beacon of the season #writephoto

As a way to get some blogging going, I’ll participate in a #Writephoto again. Writing this on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll wait to post it until Monday, for the benefit of my readers who might not be online on Sundays. Yet, I’m going to have a Sports Twist on it.

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Fission Mailed

After the last 24-ish hours, I felt that “Fission Mailed” was an appropriate name. It is a spoonerism of “Mission Failed,” and comes from a certain video game where you are designed to fail a certain mission. (In many video games, there are points where you are Designed To Fail.)

Additionally, a relatively recent blog post on spoonerisms that I read made this idea salient to me. So, let me talk about “Fission Mailed” as it applied to my last 24-ish hours. (No worries, I’m not a bioterrorist sending nuclear weapons through the Postal Service.)

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