Reconstructed journal: November 23, 2011

This post was taken from a daily prompt from a LONG time ago, but thinking about the prompt made me want to give a specific story, from a time when the seat-mate wasn’t “just there,” but was engaging in conversation and seemed nice enough as a vigil.

Yes, indeed. The date from this journal is one day after The Crash II.

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Shorts weather??

It’s November in west-central Wisconsin. The seventeenth, to be precise.

In the upper Midwest of the United States, I would expect there to be a short perception of autumn before wintry weather sets in.

Well, today was a very nice day, relatively speaking for the season! The high temperature was in the 50s (Fahrenheit), and I rode my bike to the office (not a surprise) wearing shorts (a big surprise!).

Of course, there are some people who wear shorts year-round, but I am not among those. (In fact, I had my nicer pants in the office for when I got there–I am simply avoiding bike rides wearing nicer clothes, because I’ve ruined more than my fair share of pants by riding my bike wearing them!

It was actually really nice riding my bike–though a tad chilly in the evening due to a mist, the riding warmed up my legs.

That’s a good thing about active transportation–I’d rather warm up my own heart and legs rather than warm up the engine of a machine!


Thanksgiving Day: 9 days.

Finals Week: 30 days.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: 50 days.

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