Minty fresh

I was originally going to post this writing last Friday, but my idea of trip odometers superseded this idea. But as it turns out, postponing the post to today is a better co-incidence! Why is this?

“Minty fresh” brings up one of the photos which I took exactly four years ago on this day: July 27, 2011! Here is that photo:

israel 677

Actually, something else about this picture will be reconsidered in four days on my blog. Stay tuned for that!

Ah, the Salad Trail. One of many fun activities on that day in Israel (the blog post linked wasn’t published exactly 4 years ago, mind you :p), and an amazing example of agriculture in the desert. Let me talk about mint in a different sense, however.

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Short four letter words often have multiple meanings. One example is “trip.” We could be talking Trip and Trap as in Robin Hood Daffy…

Or, related, the “Oops, I tripped!” while doing field work in 2007. (This photo may have been from the same day…)

Sedge Pond, near Lake McConaughy, in the summer of 2007.

Sedge Pond, near Lake McConaughy, in the summer of 2007.

Let’s instead consider the Trip in travel.

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Begin the Endgame (#WW)


Some of the boxes (and a tub) to be moved in Round One.


The bookshelf with almost everything removed. (The items remaining are queued for boxing… excluding the top shelf and shofar.)


The posters have been unposted!

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Stout Pad Scout: 2 days.

NABC: 15 days.

Menomonie: 23 days.

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I don’t know how meta this post is actually going to be, but I will attempt to get a few things of “meta” into the post. It is a meta-analysis of my mind, because this may read to some people like I just threw words onto the page. Such is the state of my mind sometimes :)

Let me add an “L” to “meta” and connect it to a song that I like… and then I’ll get on with the association.

Yes, in these meta ways…

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Good fortunes

Recall my Wednesday post last week: I had talked about a few Buzzfeed-style personality quizzes, and related to how accurately they described me. Although those quizzes are intended for entertainment only, they can be surprisingly accurate.

Another thing that I found, which is intended for entertainment only, but may also have surprising accuracy, is the fortune cookie. Let’s consider a few salient ones for me.

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