1, 2, 3, (?)

An obvious pattern is evident here. But, only one will be the obvious case.

Here are a few where the “obvious” result is not so obvious. Let me give some section headings for the breaks of tradition.

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As is traditional for this day, I made a couple of French silk pies. Here they are, with the captions to decipher the mathematical equations or expressions which are both equal to pi…




<Solve the equation> sin(x) = 0 <on the interval> [1,4]

But this year, I participated as a willing “victim” in the fundraiser “Pie A Professor!”


I made sure to remove my glasses…


At least it was tasty whipped cream!


פסח: ט”ז יום (Passover: 16 days)

Eau Claire: 23 days

Madison: 79 days

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My history with veggie burgers

This topic may seem to pop out of nowhere. However, it’s a story of changing mindsets, and I think it’s a good tale.  Furthermore, I have time to write about it since I’m on vacation and just KO’d the remainder of the grading and prep that I “must” do before returning to work next week.

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