Singin’ on the ice

Today’s post will be a sequence of quatrains that involves ice and stranded (and will hopefully flow into a coherent story). A few songs will be injected in at the same time.

Here is a video of me orally interpreting the post. Follow along if you’d like!

A long day at work had ended a little dreary

As I had decided to alter the Session I material

Swapping out Fair Division for Graph Theory

And the clouds outside were not ethereal

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Unfamiliarly familiar

Although I had planned this post for a few days, the prep for my J-Term course took more grief than I thought! And two of the songs that I heard in the last few days just exacerbated the theme. Sometimes, it pays to wait! 🙂

I heard a song this morning that was particularly popular around March, and it reminded me of a NON-pop song that I heard yesterday on Spotify.

In a Facebook post this morning, I cryptically said, “Once I was 7 years old… stuck by this river.”

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A taste of my own medicine

Oftentimes, I find myself giving song references or references to mutually known jokes/puns/experiences in some of my conversations.

For example, I might be speaking and notice that I said something resembling the lyrics of a song that I know. Take a conversation I had earlier today, when I asked “How long has this been going on?” when Mom put my bread in the toaster and overdid it a little bit. After she responded, and I said that I liked burnt toast, I added, “And I ain’t quite as dumb as I seem.”

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