Creative chronicles

There are so many different ways to tell a story of your life or at least a phase in your life. Some people will tell these stories directly, by face-to-face (or text-to-text) conversations. Others will use videos, others might use comics, and I would guess that today, some people chronicle entirely in Emojis.  (I definitely do not fall into the latter camp!)

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My inspiration for this post was reading a post from Ranu, as well as remembering one of the more difficult improv games that I have played in practices.

The improv game “Rashomon” is one where there is a “neutral” scene with three characters. At the end of the scene, it is repeated three times, each time through the perspective of one of the characters. So, I’m going to attempt the same thing here.  This may be tough for me, since I don’t always fit well into others’ shoes… but let’s try it!

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Lightly anticipating

I’ve had other posts with the idea of “anticipation” in it, but the anticipation I speak of today is not about a holiday or vacation. Instead, it is a type of anticipation that can happen in everyday life. After I start the next paragraph, the photo will make it obvious what I am referring to. (Evil Teacher Editor looks darkly at the last sentence and this one, saying, “Well, start it already!”)