In some sense, this has a joke from today’s stats class where I did the Discover frog protection joke (though I didn’t orally produce the joke).

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Mobius Facade #writephoto


Is this the beginning or the ending? I don’t know!

Maybe that facade is actually under construction!

There’s a thick fog that I can see through.

It looks like everything is in black and white.

I know that there is colour, but…

How far have we travelled to get here?

How old is that facade?

The trees make it look like we have uncovered ruins!

Maybe there are treasures behind that facade!

We should take this adventure!

Is this the beginning or the ending? I don’t know!

This was a quick post, but seemed like a fun attempt at a story to read forwards or backwards. Thanks to Sue Vincent, as always, for the photo prompt!


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Evanston: 30 days

Lincoln: 69 days

Baltimore: 125 days

Compare and contrast: 3 years ago

This time three years ago bears some striking similarities to today’s situation for me, but there are some significant differences, in the personal and professional situations.

Thus, here’s a list. I know that I will be improperly using indentation in a list, but I am not being graded here. SO THERE!

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Ten years ago: Last Thursday of August (#TBT)

BACKGROUND: This is an account from Thursday of my first week of my senior year of college at the University of Nebraska.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I got up at 625 and went to the restroom to put on my khaki pants with a red polo shirt. When I got back to the room, BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! So, I quickly set the alarm to OFF, but luckily it didn’t disturb Jordan. I planned my meals for the week using the online menu, and then headed downstairs for breakfast. Change in plans!

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