[425/441] Exposure

Yesterday, when I was listening to the radio, I heard B107.3’s Four and No More. In this game, two contestants have to guess a person, place, or thing with no more than four clues.

It is their current game show at 07:40 each weekday morning.  After “Battle of the Sexes” ended last March, there was a week where there was no game show, but rather a preview of a new game, which turned out to be “Who’s Singing In The Shower.”  It was a big flop, and was discarded after a few months, replaced with “Four and No More.”

What does this have to do with exposure…? Read on!

[422/441] Giving and receiving

The ideas of giving and receiving find themselves in many different areas.  The most obvious example of this would be gifts, and you may have heard the adage ” ’tis better to give than to receive.”  I will investigate this, as well as do some other musing on giving and receiving through other avenues.

Can you give a little bit of time?

[421/441] The root of fame (Freewrite)

Given that yesterday was the Oscars ceremony, I figured that I might do a freewrite about the word “famous.”  I’ll start with one observation from outside of our usual language, and see where that takes us in fifteen minutes.  Naturally, I did NOT watch the Oscars, as going to the movies is something that I ordinarily do at most twice in a year (at Christmas, and perhaps one other time with a friend or group).

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