Tin foil hat (no conspiracies or pseudoscience here)

According to Wikipedia, the wearing of a “tin foil hat” is a way of poking fun at conspiracy hypothesizers, pseudoscientists, and others. I’ve never worn a tin-foil hat in the figurative manner, but there may have been one time where I wore a tin-foil hat to imitate Medieval armor.

Nevertheless, I’m not trying to start a conspiracy here. But, there is something that makes this title worth it!

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Falafel Day?

Today is the personal holiday of July 21.

Or, should I say: היום אני חוגג את עשרים-ואחת ביולי!

Ten years ago, it was my first day in Israel (not a full day, though, since we didn’t arrive in Israel until mid-afternoon on July 21. It still counts!)

Fourteen years ago, I took the silver medal in the Cornhusker State Games bowling tournament on this day!

Twenty-one years ago, I became a bar mitzvah on this day!

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Summer 2021 vs. Summer 2014

Yay, finally another blog post! I know it’s been quite a while… four weeks to be precise!

I haven’t posted as regularly because I’ve been busy. Granted, given the title of the blog post, that shouldn’t be an excuse. This blog post is intended as a Compare-and-Contrast of part of my Summer 2021 versus my Summer 2014, as there were some uncanny similarities.

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