In some sense, this has a joke from today’s stats class where I did the Discover frog protection joke (though I didn’t orally produce the joke).

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[M.A.P.L.E. VII-2] Nope

I decided to hit the NOPE button today, which is quite unusual for me!

Which NOPE button did I hit? Well, you see that the Category of this post is “Behind the handlebars.”

Indeed, I cancelled my bike ride to Hebrew school, because the skies looked a little threatening at 17:00.

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[M.A.P.L.E. VI-19] Polygons #writephoto

The name of this week’s #writephoto prompt is called “Inside-out,” but I will, in addition to using Sue’s photo, complement it with a “Polygons” photo, as well as a recent photo of mine, to see how things go.


It was described as a castle during a rain storm, when water is seeping in through the windows.

This photo reminded me of weather and “Polygons,” as shown on the next map (courtesy Rusty Dawkins):

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Bonkers is what the weather has been in my area lately. Consider the following:

  • The weekend before last weekend, Dina and I were essentially walking around Kenosha in shorts and T-shirts, as the high exceeded 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In. February.
  • The weather cooled off a bit last week, but remained unseasonably warm here. It stayed dry.
  • Last weekend, “cold” weather hit with temperatures that failed to exceed freezing. Nevertheless, it seemed to be an outlier at this point!
  • Tuesday, a severe thunderstorm struck Kenosha around 17:30, followed by a dense pea soup that I had to navigate through after the storm was done.
  • And finally yesterday, snow fell! It was only a dusting but still…

I guess that means March is coming in like a lion.

Or it means:

Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk!

Of course, I’m also afraid about the implications of it coming from climate change…


Nebraska Road Trip: 15 days

פסח: ל”ח ימים (Passover: 38 days)

ארץ ישראל: צ”ב ימים (Israel: 92 days)

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We’ll all stick together in all kinds of weather

The school song for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has the following lyrics:

“There is no place like Nebraska,

Dear old Nebraska U,

Where the girls are the fairest,

The boys are the squarest,

Of any old school that I knew!

There is no place like Nebraska,

Where they’re all true blue,

We’ll all stick together

In all kinds of weather

For dear old Nebraska U!”

After last weekend, it made me realize how the “all kinds of weather” line is super salient to me. Not just for Dear Old Nebraska U, but also for my friends and causes that I care about. I can offer several examples from recent years that show my loyalty to people, teams, and causes are rarely sidetracked by the weather. These are in approximate chronological order.

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