Pi Day and Phase Shifts

In math and physics, a phase shift is a translation of a function, especially a periodic function.

For those who know me, each year since 2013, I have made one or two French silk pies for Pi Day. The pictures are below, and you’ll notice that one looks immediately nerdy, and the other one doesn’t quite look as much. But, there’s a story that will show the second one to have some nerdiness too!

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Skating away to seasons of love… yet no one together? I know!

I’m mashing up four songs in today’s blog post title, and since I’m doing that, I might as well post videos for all of them! This seems to be a recurring theme on my blog: songs that inspire the post. Well, since I love music, the songs readily become salient to me when certain stories pop up: either “Fantasia” style (where the song inspires the story) or “Looney Tunes” style (where the story inspires the choice of song).

This time, it’s Looney Tunes style. However, this post is more of a movie or a four-part TV episode! Thankfully, you can binge read it; I’m not splitting this post into episodes.

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Feesa etho!

In the Chicago Tribune, John Kass has a monthly article to provide the “Moutza of the Month.” In every edition of this article, he describes what a moutza is, and usually mentions the following things:

“Spread your palms wide, and say ‘Nah!‘ (Here!) or ‘Feesa etho!’ (Blow on this!)”

Well, before anyone starts thinking that this post will become R- or X-rated, shelve your fears.

Rather than “Blow on this,” I’ll change the topic to “We blew it!”

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Beacon of the season #writephoto

As a way to get some blogging going, I’ll participate in a #Writephoto again. Writing this on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll wait to post it until Monday, for the benefit of my readers who might not be online on Sundays. Yet, I’m going to have a Sports Twist on it.

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